4 Subtle Tricks Attractive Women Use To Get (And Keep!) The Guys They Want

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What Attractive Women Know About How To Get A Guy To Like You & Start Falling In Love

He'll fall for you in no time!

When it comes to dating and being in relationships, attraction plays an undeniably major role. So if you want to know how to get a guy to like you and eventually become your boyfriend, the most attractive women out there know that following this smart relationship advice will have him falling in love with you in no time.

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Here are 4 smart pieces of relationship advice the most attractive women use to get (and keep!) the guys they want.

1. They look at the person, not the package.

If you think that only looks matter, you will be in a messy relationship — there will be nothing much you'll be able to do later on when you realize he's lacking the key qualities and values you find important in a relationship.

So if looks are the only thing that has attracted you to someone, it is better to think again before taking the relationship to the next level and saying yes to more dates together. 

2. They spend quality time with their guy.

If you're hoping to start a new relationship with this guy, it's essential that you spend a lot of quality time together so you can get to know him better — and he can get to know you, too!

Make sure you pick activities to do that allow you the chance to talk — like walking our dogs together or cooking dinner, rather than seeing a movie- so you can learn enough about him to decide whether you two are right for one another ... or not.

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3. They stay true to themselves.

Attractive women know that trying to be the kind of person you think a guy wants to date will never lead to lasting love. If he can't deal with the REAL you, then your relationship won't last and you two aren't as compatible as you thought, no matter how attractive he is or how much fun you have together.

Plus, if he does become your boyfriend, you won't be able to keep up the facade for long — so why bother?

4. They give their guys some space.

Relationship experts agree that giving each other space is important in a relationship and can help it last.

If you're around your guy all the time, especially when you're newly dating, he might feel suffocated and start to lose interest.

That's why it's important to make sure you are giving him the space he needs, whether he's spending it alone or with friends and family — and that you're demanding your space, too!

As a smart, attractive woman yourself, you've got too much going for you to spend all your time an energy on him, until he proves he's committed and capable of having a healthy relationship with you.

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