The Bright Side Of Being Single

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Plus: Are you a teepee or a skyscraper? Find out!

If you don't know how to be happy when your single, chances are, your relationships will always teeter on the brink of doom. Why? Because the "right guy" for you when you're unhappy being single likely feels the same way as you — he's unhappy being single, too. And two people who are unhappy being single in a relationship together, well, that's a disaster waiting to happen.

Here's what I mean. Picture two, emotionally healthy, happy people standing next to each other having a relationship. They are both standing tall like skyscrapers, happy to be together but also individually complete when separate. Now picture two unhappily single people leaning on one another. They look like a teepee. If one falters, they both collapse.

See the difference? Being happy single doesn't mean you don't want a relationship. It means you get to attract a happy, single man into a healthy relationship.

If you're thinking to yourself that relationships mean having someone to help you get through life, you may need to take a closer look at your life. Life isn't something to be gotten through. Life is to be lived, loved, laughed, danced and celebrated, which can only truly happen with two people who recognize they are complete on their own.

Once you know how to be happy single, once you enjoy time with friends and alone without needing a relationship to validate your existence, then, when you're in a relationship, you'll have a lot more fun. Plus, you'll be that mucy more likely to attract someone who knows how to be happy single as well. The relationship will be created by two, mentally and emotionally healthy people instead of two needy people. Doesn't that sound like more fun?

If not, you're probably feeling needy now. So, let's talk about how to be happy single so you can get on with finding a healthy relationship instead of another unsatisfying one.

So, you're single. You get to do what you want all the time. You get to look forward to a fun, emotionally healthy relationship in the future because you deserve it, not an unsatisfying one you fell into because it was there.

Do what you love to do. Hang out with positive women friends. These women don't complain about men because they are far too excited about what life has to offer. Relationships aren't their sole focus; they're one great aspect of life!

Enjoy quiet time to yourself. Read an empowering, positive book or watch your favorite romantic movie and simply enjoy being you. Eat popcorn, cook your favorite breakfast, go for a hike, go shopping without buying anything. Just enjoy being and realize you don't answer to anyone but yourself. Work out and take great care of your body with plenty of sleep and drink lots of water.

These things may sound silly but they are the little things that honor you as an individual and as a woman who is complete and fulfilled from within. After all, looking for fulfillment to come from a man or career is an unwinnable game. Learn how to be happy single and just do it! Your life can be filled to the brim with fun, positive, empowering people and energy because you will be confident ...and confidence is very attractive to men.

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