Don’t let engagement season ruin your relationship.

Don’t let engagement season ruin your relationship.

Your friends are getting engaged. Don't let this spark a fight in your own relationship.

We're in the thick of it: Engagement Season. Your friends and cousins are all getting engaged. It's the holidays and the perfect time to be sentimental, pop the question and have family around. I get it. 

Weddings are fun, don't get me wrong. An excuse to buy a new dress, curl your hair and feel pretty. And the best part is that it's a built-in date for you and your man. Great ambiance, free champagne and love is in the air; Most girls love this.

But I'm willing to bet that engagement season causes more relationship strain than any other issue. Why? Because while girls love the idea of proposals and weddings, guys can get realllly stressed about them. 

First, girlfriends get all woozy on Pinterest fantasizing. What will my wedding be like? What will I wear? How will he propose?

Then girls start that conversation directly with their men. Uh-oh. He starts to get hot under his shirt and tie. The walls start closing in. Even the most in-love men, have anxiety about weddings.

Men and Evolution  I have some theories on this. First, evolution. Men are not innately programmed to think about commitment and monogamy. It sounds a bit grim, but nature can be a real force in all humans. Another theory:getting engaged is heavy for a guy, financially. Buying an engagement ring, supporting your new family. Granted times have changed and couples usually split things 50/50, but there's still an element of man-supports-woman. Guys are just guys, they love differently. Weddings don't necessarily mean love to them, it's just another day. It's kind of sweet, actually. To hear your boyfriend say, I don't care about a wedding, I care about living every day with you.

What should you do? Keep your mouth shut.

Engagements will provoke a lot of questions and conversations for you to start. But wait a minute before you blurt out, "When are we going to get married?" Just enjoy the evening. Keep it simple.

Fantasize, secretly. I'll admit, it gives me brain-butterflies to think about my wedding: walking down the aisle, the colors, the beachy dress, my long hair flowing, taking his breath away—you get the picture. I literally have a secret Pinterest board for this fantasy wedding. But it's fun to think about, it gives you a good feeling. And good vibes, we like them. So just fantasize internally. It will make you smile, and smiling is sexy. No need to share the fantasy with your man, share it with your girlfriends.

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