5 Reasons a Spiritual Practice Can Save Your Marriage

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A regular spiritual practice can improve your frame of mind, but what about your marriage?

The University of Missouri recently released findings that spirituality, regardless of particular religion or practice, can be uplifting for your mental health*. At One Whole Health, I see time and time again that not only can a regular spiritual practice improve your frame of mind, but it can even improve your marriage.

When clients first begin a health coaching program, I ask them to rate their satisfaction with many areas of their life, including their primary relationships. When someone feels their relationship is the cause of their discontent with life, I coach them to look to a spiritual practice for answers. What they find often surprises them.

Whether it be through regular prayer, meditation or reading spiritual works, introducing spirituality into your relationship allows you to:

1) Feel connected to a greater whole and ease up on expectations of your spouse.
2) Focus on the present moment and let go of the past.
3) Learn forgiveness-of yourself and your partner.
4) Create a positive self-perception that elevates your relationship.
5) Develop responsibility for your own happiness without depending on your spouse.

As one client recently put it, “I understand now that the road to a happy marriage starts with me. Until I love myself, I can’t love him fully and can’t receive the love he has for me”
Not sure how to begin a spiritual practice? Schedule a “Best You Yet” Strategy Session to get started.

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