Tips To Bring The Fun And Romance Back To Your Relationship


Did you forget how to have fun with your partner? Follow these tips to bring the romance back.

"We have so much fun together." How many times have you heard this from someone starting a new relationship (including yourself)?

In the beginning of relationships, fun is such a simple thing. It comes naturally thanks to hormones and the light-heartedness they liberate inside us. It's easy to have fun anywhere, anytime.

But the thing is, with time, when infatuation fades and our relationship starts to "come down to earth," our mutual fun fades as well. In this scenario, our fun goes through a change and instead of "we have so much fun together," she goes to a coffee shop with her girlfriends, and he goes to watch the match with his guy friends.

Of course, you have the couples nights out. All of the above is fantastic, but think about it for a second. You're having all this fun, but how much fun are you having together, just the two of you? Chances are your conclusion is the same as most couples—not as much as you'd like.

Why We Love Fun

Scientists will tell us that when we laugh and have a good time, we can win the same desirable effect of athletic exercise. Our heart rate increases, respiration is simplified, there is an increase in oxygen exchange, muscles are activated, and the circulation of blood is stimulated. So, just like a good workout, a good time will give us those high feelings of satisfaction and a fit body.

Fun also has its advantages in the long term—it diminishes stress and tension, which can be very helpful on a daily basis. You will most likely agree with me on this, too: when we are happy, we are more open, more forgiving, more patient, better listeners and, yes it's true, more in love with each other.

Fun is our springboard to feelings of excitement and lightheartedness we enjoy so much, just like when we are in love.

Have Fun Together

Practicing fun and humor can really change our thinking and behavior patterns. From studies I have read, from personal experience, and that of people I've treated, I have learned that you can definitely improve and maintain your relationship by having fun together. Fun couple activities allow you to create and practice communication through your subconscious, and in the end you get to reap what you sow.

Don't take mutual fun for granted or settle with the fact that it happens occasionally. Look for fun, embrace it, and let it be a part of your intimate relationship. Consider fun part of the investment and construction of your relationship. If you have to, set a time to have fun together, ideally at least every two weeks or so. Write your plans on a note and put it on your fridge or in some other visible area so you're sure to follow through.

Fun has a deeper level, too. Look for fun activities online, or make up ones of your own. Think about what these activities can contribute to your relationship. Sing together. Go camping. Play at the beach like you used to when you were kids. Besides the obvious enjoyment these activities will give you, you'll be taken out of your comfort zone and be braver and more outgoing. You'll even spread your joy around, and all of this you'll be doing together, as a couple.

Mutual experiences of fun will improve and strengthen your relationships, will help you build trust between one another, enhance your openness and honesty, boost your confidence with one another, and give you many more gifts you'll discover as you go along.

So, what are you waiting for? It's simple. Get serious about having fun. Commit to more laughs, more joy, and more happiness together, and begin your journey toward a stronger, healthier relationship. Now, go have some fun.