Marriage Is Possible After 40


When thinking of marriage, society tells us we should be married in our early 20’s. The sequence is graduate from high school, go to college, graduate college, get married and have children. This is all supposed to happen before 30 and when this doesn’t we start to feel insecure with our own lives because we aren’t on societies timeline. At the age of 40, if never married the pressure becomes intense with questions of “Why me?”, “Where is my husband/wife?”, and “Will I ever get married?” Well now is the time to quiet the mind and believe that if your 40 or older and never been married it’s possible!

First things first, stop beating yourself up and questioning your life. If not married by a certain age or in a relationship we tend to think it’s something we are doing wrong, therefore we become our own worse critics. We start to think negatively which then turns into bitterness, making comments such as “I’ll never get married” or “There are no good men/women out there” This negative thinking is a BIG mistake. You must believe in yourself and that you will find love no matter what age. Never give up on love! Your time is coming, prepare for it.

Second, by preparing for your future husband/wife you must be ready because marriage can be hard work. You need to make sure you’re at a good space in life and can contribute 100% to the relationship. I often hear couples say it’s 50/50, when the reality is it’s 100/100. When you bring your whole self, which is 100% to the relationship, you’re already winning!

Third, be open minded when dating and meeting new people. Know exactly what you want out of a relationship and give yourself time to get to know the other person. Have fun when dating and don’t make it too serious. If too serious you don’t have a chance to relax and get to know the other person or give the other person a chance. Let me give you an example, going into a date with a check list, TOO SERIOUS! Go in and have fun. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking questions, you need to, but when that outweighs relaxing and having fun it’s a problem. When we have fun, we show our true character. Isn’t that what you want the other person to see?

Lastly, LOVE YOU! When you love yourself, your able to welcome love in from others. What we put out in the universe, we get back! 40 is the perfect age to find your mate because you are at a mature stage in life. Continue to have hope and faith that your mate is coming and know that love is possible at any age. Now go find the love of your life, he/she is waiting for you!

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Kitty Robinson is a Licensed Professional Counselor as well as a Motivational Speaker. To connect visit her website at