Chivalry In Our Times Today

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Chivalry will always be a relevant term in contemporary society - today, tomorrow and forever.

Chivalry still means a man being kind and courteous in the presence of and at the service of any woman he encounters throughout his day. At the most personal level, it's about treating your wife and special ladies in your life (daughter, mother, sisters, grandmothers and aunts) with reverence and love…ever endeavoring to do things - great and small - to let them know they are special. Chivalry isn't about getting things in return. Rather it's random acts of goodness and displaying a healthy code of male ethics toward women, particularly your wife/mate. You do these things as an outward expression of your love, gratitude and wanting to be the best man/husband/father you can be.

Men need to set the best example for our sons on how to treat the women and special ladies in our lives. Additionally, men also should be involved in raising the bar for our daughters by teaching them to demand a higher standard of appropriate male behavior.

Chivalry in the modern age needs to extend far beyond the rote practices of opening doors for her, pulling out her chair to be seated or walking on the right side of the street. Chivalry today should also include thoughtful additions such as getting her car washed, cooking dinner from time to time, washing the dishes and helping out with some of the chores she would ordinarily do. It's all about holding our wives and special ladies in our lives with high esteem, utmost reverence and unconditional love.

Chivalry will always be a relevant term in contemporary society - today, tomorrow and forever. It helps men to have and maintain a standard of appropriate and appreciable male behavior toward females particularly our wives/mates. Good chivalry ethics become a sturdy bridge for leading an ordinary man to evolve into The Virtuous Man: one who always does what is right in his actions in loving and honoring his spouse.

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