3 Ways Skype (Yes, SKYPE) Can Save Your Troubled Marriage

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For a couple on the go, turning to technology can help you stay connected.

When you're a power couple like Jay-Z and Beyoncé, you don't expect they would have to turn to a medium like Skype for marriage counseling. But according to an article in the Daily Mail, they turned to this unconventional method to maintain their marriage — and I'm glad they did.

In today's society there are many pressures put on husbands and wives trying to maintain a healthy marriage. Both parents log in at least eight hours a day at work. Then they spend two to three more hours a night keeping their children's life in order.

All while also trying to maintain a sense of identity and carving out some time for yourself. It's no wonder why the relationship suffers. What couples must realize is that it's the strength of the relationship itself that gives you the opportunity to maintain the balance you want to create.

Imagine you're driving a car. If one of your wheels loses air pressure, it will affect the ability for you to get to your destination in a timely way. If your tire goes flat, you won't get to your destination at all without taking the time to fix it. A program like Skype can do a lot to help a marriage that's currently disconnected.

1. Skype creates a sense of closeness without knowing it.

The great thing about Skype in lieu of in-person counseling is that you immediately create a sense of closeness. If you're using a camera on your computer, laptop or smartphone, you have to sit close together in order to be heard.

I remember when I worked with a Skype client in San Diego. Each person had to sit close together to make sure I, as a coach, heard their voices. Because of the energy of their closeness, it helped them create a sense of unity in a short period of time.

In an office, you have the choice to sit farther apart and still be heard. But it makes the time to work through your issues a lot harder.

2. Skype has same advantages of in-person counseling.

One of the great things about Skype counseling is the counselor, or coach, has the ability to read your body language just like he/she would in person. This is crucial because sometimes you learn more about a couple by their body language than by their voices.

3. Skype gives you a better sense of accountability.

An underrated benefit to counseling is holding you, your partner and the counselor/coach accountable for being present in every session. Using Skype from your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet almost guarantees that you never miss an appointment.

By not missing an appointment, you have to work to make sure you complete the assignments that are given to you. If you don't, you may risk discussing your missed assignment in the next session. When you're already having challenges in your marriage, you don't want to derail your progress by not holding yourself accountable.

I applaud Jay-Z and Beyoncé for valuing their marriage enough to do something unconventional about it. Maybe it's time for you to do it, too. If you're a couple that's always on the go or always traveling for work, how could using Skype NOT strengthen your marriage?