You Get Three Wishes!

Love, Self

Last month when I was having all that fun celebrating my birthday I had a realization brought about by blowing out my candles numerous times.

Each time I did I made three wishes.

I realize this must come from various fairy tales and fables where the main character is given three wishes. Many times this doesn't work out very well for them, I seem to remember.

They wish for something too small or too big or in some way not right. The big tragedy in the stories, at least the way I remember them, is that the three wishes are wasted!

I learned that lesson long ago. I also noted other wish-making lessons, such as, Be careful what you Wish for, and other cautionary tales, so I take making wishes very seriously. I learned to listen to my heart when making wishes of any kind. Making wishes can be a magical process, by just speaking simply of a desire in our heart.

Many years ago, my first husband and I had hit a rough spot in our marriage and for some reason I thought of the the wish-making ritual. I suggested that instead of focusing on what we didn't like, we each come up with three wishes we had for our relationship.

The three-wish magic came through once more. When forced to actually name and claim what we most want in our heart-of-hearts, somehow the ego takes a back seat to the more important elements.

From those wishes we created our own relationship mission statement that guided us for many years.

I noticed some wonderful things during my birthday candle blowing ceremonies when I thought of the three wishes I had for the coming year.
I knew exactly what I wanted.

What I wanted felt good, not too big or too small. It felt just right. I felt the desire and then let it go as I blew out my candles!

I was reminded of the magic that happens every day when I focus on what I have in my heart.

Have some fun this week by making up a three-wish ritual for yourself. You don't have to wait until your birthday OR to be in a tough spot!

Begin by checking your ego at the door.

Let go of fears and the fantasies that often come with fears. Then open your heart and simply ask yourself.
If I could have three wishes come true, what would they be?