Martha Stewart Is Joining A Dating Site To "Sleep With Somebody"

Martha Stewart's online dating profile

What do you give the diva who has everything? Tips for her online dating profile, of course.

—In the words of America's domestic goddess, Martha Stewart: "I'd like to go to bed with somebody. Sleep with somebody."

Hang on a sec; it's not exactly what you think. On Friday, the 71-year-old grandmother told Matt Lauer on NBC's TODAY that she's been eager to get back in the dating scene again and even started to create an online dating profile using her real name, but never officially signed up. "Well, I had a long-time boyfriend," she said. "That ended a couple years ago. And I haven't found the next Mr. Right."

Well, it seems that she's had a change of heart. In a second appearance on TODAY, she agreed to give her search for a mate on another try and her online dating profile is ready to go. "What we know we can get you is some great first dates,"'s CEO Sam Yagan told Stewart. "I think finding a soul mate for you might be a little bit difficult, but I think first dates are easily doable."

So what will Martha Stewart's online profile look like? She's about to become one of the millions of singles looking for love online on Match and I have a few tips for her.

Her username

Although Stewart told the TODAY that she was intending to use her real name, I disagree. Just like all of the other millions of daters, she should have a catchy screen name to find her dream guy. It would be way less intimidating; not to mention, it would ward of the paparazzi. Why not try something like "LovestoCook", "DomesticGoddess", "CookingAuthor" or (one that she's bound to love) "Domestic Diva"? Keep reading ...

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