5 Ways For Singles To Embrace Valentine's Day

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Over 40 and single on Valentine's Day? Celebrate February 14th with grace and ease!

Valentine's Day is coming, like it does every year! A day that leaves some singles singin’ the blues while others go about their day pretending like it doesn’t even exist. It’s a day that some relish and others despise. All in all, Valentine’s Day sets the expectation that your relationship status defines who you are. I would encourage you to be mindful that you are not defined by your relationship status, it's certainly not your identity. As you read this article, I hope to impart a more open and positive way to embrace Valentine’s Day with grace and ease.

1. Feel the love. Identify the many significant relationships you have in your life; family, friends, co-workers or possibly within your religious community. Make a list! I am sure there are many people who have touched your heart and held your hand through both difficult or happy times. Be mindful that you are loved on Valentine’s Day and every day.

2. Share the love. A sure way to get through the day is by taking the focus off of yourself and the day. Look outside of yourself and focus on someone else in need of support or care. I often suggest that my clients volunteer as a way to meet a potential match. This is also a great opportunity to give back. Giving to others is wonderful way to feel good about yourself and share the love.

3. Forgive lovingly. Is there someone who you’ve lost touch with or stopped communication with due to anger or resentment? Perhaps you can take this opportunity to reflect and forgive. Perhaps it's time to heal those old wounds, reconnect or find the closure you’ve been seeking. Holding on to past hurts can prevent you from entering into a new, loving relationship. Take this time to release these hurts, which can open the door to new possibilities. 5 Ways to Forgive

4. Love through self-acceptance. The act of love and embracing who you are is self-acceptance. This may be the most challenging step to take, but once you navigate that path, it will allow you to engage more fully in all your relationships. Continuing old patters or playing old tapes does not serve you in the present. Agree to accept, validate and appreciate the wonderfulness of you. Welcome the truth that you are worthy of being loved and are loveable. The Way to True Love is Through Self Love

5. Love in the here and now. Recognize the full rich life you have with many wonderful, deep relationships. If you do want to find someone to share your life with on a romantic level, identify what has and has not worked for you and make a plan for positive change. Having a plan will help you move forward and attain the relationship you desire and deserve.

Be mindful Valentine’s Day is only one day, and although it was originally created to celebrate couples, it has evolved into the celebration of all LOVE in relationships. Be mindful, YOU ARE LOVED on Valentine’s Day and every day.

Have a day filled with LOVE! ~ Julianne

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