Why They Didn't Call After Your First Date

Love, Heartbreak

Good first dates are hard to find and sometimes even harder to hear from again.

Mr. Saturday Night strutted into the bar and I sighed a he's even more impressive than his pictures sigh of relief. Our chemistry was dynamic and hours later we were still grinning at each other as conversation flowed and time flew by. I received the sweetly predictable "I had a great time" text minutes before even arriving home to my apartment.

It was the perfect first date—or so I thought. Mr. Saturday Night never called and I was left to wonder why. Has this disappointing dating letdown happen to you? If so, here's what you can do:

  1. Cry it out. Yes, it was only one date but you are crashing down from a first date high, which is a real downer. Allow yourself to feel the disappointment before moving on to your next possibility.
  2. Keep it real. Mr. Saturday Night seemed perfect at the time, but a week later my concrete knowledge of his character is rather limited. Finally connecting with an online dating pen pal in person can create the false illusion that you know one other better than you do. Remember, it takes genuine face-to-face time to truly connect and after one date, a deep connection is impossible.
  3. Reject the rejection. Flip flop #2 and realize, s/he didn't get the chance to know you either. Maybe your phone hasn't rung because s/he's dating someone else or maybe s/he reconciled with his or her ex the very next day. You will most likely never know, so why assume it's personal when in reality, s/he never got the chance to know you.

Trust me, I understand the agony of wishing your phone to ring and facing the reality of silence. After reliving every moment of my near perfect night, it hit me that Mr. Saturday Night owned one major imperfection: He already wasn't treating me well and we just met. Let that truth be enough for you to move forward to that lucky guy or girl who won't immediately let you down.

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