Do These 4 Things And You'll Fill Your Life With Crazy Amounts Of Love

4 Secrets To Unconditional Love That Work
Love, Self

You deserve this.

All around the world people are finding it more and more difficult to find and maintain love. Why is this? I believe we have to go back to self-love.

The world has become extremely external. We as individuals are constantly seeking gratification outside of the self; constantly after the bigger, faster, better. Televisions, cars, clothing, cell phones, the list is endless and everything on it is exactly that, a thing.    

If we stop treating life like a video game; where there is constantly a next level, a new challenge, a bigger better prize. If we can just live with the heart-self and let the mind-self go. The box can be opened and allowed to spill forth.

So how do we do this? How do we learn to open the box, let love in and spill out? Because just like a river in order for love to grow it must spill. It is splashy and murky, but it can be strained. The sediment can be removed. 

Discovering unconditional self-love may seem like a daunting task; however, there are 4 steps that will have you rolling in abundance and confidence!

When you utilize these 4 secrets to unconditional love and practice of mindfulness with the acronym LOVE: Life, Oneness, Variety, Embrace to discover the unconditional love of the self you will draw love in.   

1. Embrace life.

May sound simple enough but when was the last time you sat and stared at a flower? Took in all the nuances that make it unique. Embracing life doesn’t just mean the big and splashy. I’m talking enjoying the little things — the mundane. When we can appreciate the ordinary they become extraordinary!

2. Embrace oneness (the unique qualities that make you, you!).

Unconditional love starts within. If we cannot love the self how can another? Embrace the qualities that make you; the good and the bad. Recognize and accept all that is. When we walk with confidence, love and compassion people notice. 

Cultivating an unconditional love for the self is like a child giggle, others cannot help but smile back. When can accept our downfalls a weight is lifted, we become lighter, smiling is easier. True love comes. We become the magnet. 

3. Embrace variety.

Look around! Life is variety! Once a week try a new food with an open mind. Experience the textures, the flavors, the smells. Notice how the body and mind feel afterward. Once a month change up the routine. Do your grocery shopping in a different neighborhood.

A slight change of scenery goes a long way to enhancing mood and boosts self-esteem. A better mood attracts people. Little changes, new experiences, resets the mind, adds wonder and a splash of excitement. Remember #1?   

4. Just embrace! 

Freely give love to get love. If you truly want unconditional love it begins with you. Give it. Tell a stranger they look nice, call up an old friend and let them know you were thinking about them. Apologize to someone you have hurt. Accept an apology from someone who has hurt you.

Opening the heart can be quite difficult, however, there is no greater feeling than the return on investment!

Embrace LOVE. Simple, yes! Easy, no; but well worth the effort. The best things in life are never easy. The ones we have to work for, push for are the things we get the most pleasure and enjoyment from. Discovering love starts within, love yourself and the rest will follow.  

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