How to be Sexy

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Turn yourself on, take compliments, and other ways to pump up your sexiness.

Being sexy is all about being yourself. It's like being naked while clothed.  Here are 5 sensual ways to embrace and bring out your inner sexy and captivate all those who come into your presence, without even trying.

1. Slather the love on your body. Sexy comes from embracing your physical form by firing up the energy within. Find that place in your heart to see the beauty of your body, and feel it in every fiber of your being. Without a body you would merely be a talking head. The act of sex would have a whole different meaning without your beautiful body. Rejoice in your body. Try wearing sexy underwear or go with out panties while wearing a dress.  You might be surprised how freeing and sexy-lious it feels.

2. Learn to take compliments with grace.  It takes an elegance of ease to be comfortable enough to accept praise, without an excuse or a brush-off. It is incredibly electrifying to be in the presence of someone who doesn't get uncomfortable when they hear something delicious about themselves. Embrace the compliment, feel the truth of it down to your marrow, and recognize that it takes guts to give a compliment. Don't over analyze it or degrade yourself.  Relish the recognition of sexiness.

3. Do things that turn you on.  Whatever it is, find your light switch and pump up the voltage. Whether it's painting with your feet or walking barefoot to work.  Be present to your presence. Live fully in your skin. Doing what you love brings a glow to your energy and a sparkle to your eyes that sends out powerful signals. Confidence comes from being willing to wear your inner side on the outside, and others will find that trust in who you are irresistable. Keep Reading...

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