Boston Dating Guide - A Great City To Find A Relationship

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Boston doesn’t have a romantic reputation. Harsh accents and a psychotic obsession with sports doesn’t exactly make you smell the roses.

But according to a poll last year by online dating site, 40.8% of their male users in Boston were looking for a serious relationship. This was the highest ranking of any city they polled. Furthermore, one MIT researcher even developed an algorithm which showed the surplus of single women in Boston.

So why do some find dating in Boston difficult?

According to Daryl Cioffi, Psychotherapist/Relationship Coach and Owner of Polaris Counseling And Consulting, “mostly what I see with my New England couples is there is a severe lack of work life balance. Often times couples come to me looking for the other to understand and many times it boils down to balance. The majority of our time is spent at work and when at home, especially in a great city like Boston, many people choose to unwind with sports.”

Beth Heller, one of Three Day Rule’s matchmakers in Boston, believes that there are a few myths about Bostonians that need to be addressed when it comes to dating:

Myth #1: The Boston Accent

Not everyone you date in Boston will have a Boston accent. Pretty much everyone I know pronounces their R’s and will roll their eyes when an outsider says, “pahk the cah in Hahvard Yahd.” Speaking of Harvard, Boston is a hub for over 100 colleges and universities, so chances are you are going to be dating an academic or someone intellectually stimulating. These prestigious schools generate entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, artists, and tech moguls to name a few.

Myth #2: Everyone is obsessed with sports

Yes, Boston sports fans are known for their fanatical devotion to their teams and the infamous “Yankees Suck” chant, but not everyone is actually a huge sports fan; they are much more focused on competition and rivalry. Boston did have the most successful decade (2000’s) in sports history by winning nine championships with Sports Illustrated naming Boston as the “Grand Slam of North American sports.” Most Bostonians’ underlying appreciation for their teams is the fact that they WIN. We are a city that is obsessed with WINNING! Plus, sporting events really do make for great date spots. Belting out Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” at Fenway Park during the 8th inning with your beau can be extremely romantic and fun.

Myth #3: Everyone vacations on the Cape

Yes, Cape life including day trips to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are a dream, but not all Bostonians are doing it. Chances are if you date someone from Boston, he or she will have made a Cape appearance in their life, but will not own a Cape house. Some popular New England getaways for Boston couples are Newport, Narraganset, and Block Island, Rhode Island, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Oqunquit, Maine, and beach towns both north and south of Boston.

Myth #4: Boston women act like Hollywood depictions

Hollywood often depicts Boston’s women as less dignified than our counterparts around the country. Blockbusters like Ted, The Fighter, and The Heat portray local women as hideous and uneducated people who use profuse profanity and are barely able to put a sentence together. In actuality, the majority of women you will date in Boston speak intelligently and are in fact well educated, successful, active, and happy.

Along with giving this profile of Boston dating, Heller gives daters some great dating ideas:

Date Idea #1: Picnic

Whether it is Boston Common or by the Charles River Esplanade, a picnic anywhere in the city is an adorable date idea. Finding any green space to share a casual meal and bottle of wine is the perfect chance for romance.

Date Idea #2: Top of the Hub in Back Bay

Breathtaking renowned 360­degree views from the top of the Prudential Center makes for one memorable date night sight.

Date Idea #3: North End

Pasta, pizza, seafood, wine, wine, and more wine. Boston’s famous North End is known for its Italian feasts and decadent desserts. This historic neighborhood makes for a very romantic and delicious date spot.

Date Idea #4: Concert at the Hatch shell or Pavillon

Catch a live concert in summer with your cutie at one of Boston’s outdoor venues. Better yet, if you don’t have tickets, find a roof deck bar to listen to the show.

Date Idea #5: Institute of Contemporary Art after a boozy brunch

The ICA at Fan Pier is a perfect date spot. Check out some contemporary art to get you engaged in conversation and then take in the waterfront views.

So despite the myths of Boston dating, it is a a great city to find and be in a relationship.

Cioffi concludes that in order to be successful in a relationship, “it is important to set aside time for things that you like to do for yourself and things that you like to do together as a couple and putting forth the effort to do what the other likes to do is also a really great way to establish respect and try new things in your relationship.”

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By: Jarone Ashkenazi