3 Ways To Reduce Sexual Shame & Feel More Comfortable With Yourself

Love, Self

Find time to connect (with yourself) when you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin.

1. Do Something to Connect with Your Body Every Day

When we don’t feel comfortable in our skin, it’s hard to get in the mood. But finding ways to connect with your body in a positive way can automatically make you feel more comfortable and more sensual. Take some time every day to do something that helps you connect with your physical self. Whether it’s going for a run or doing some yoga, strutting around in your favorite jeans, or getting a massage, connecting with your body with the right mindset can make your sexual experiences all the more pleasurable.

2. Learn to Love Your Body

Many people feel somewhat ashamed or judgmental of their bodies, doubting whether they are attractive or desirable enough for their partner. However, much of the doubt is self-taught, formed from years of negative internal dialogue based on poor teachings from early in our lives. But, these thoughts can be corrected, giving you relief and helping you love your body.

If you find yourself thinking negatively about yourself, learn to recognize the thought and stop it in its tracks. Then, replace it with something positive about your body. Any time a negative thought enters in, refute it with something affirming. After a while, the negative internal dialogue will slow and the positive will take its place naturally.

3. Let Go of Restrictive Views

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When you are feeling guilty just thinking about sex, perhaps, due to strict views on sexuality, either due to religion or cultural norms, it is normal to question your right to sexual pleasure. If you find yourself thinking 'something is wrong with me,' for wanting to express your sexuality, pause, and question where your beliefs are coming from. Gently challenge your thoughts by listing alternative notions. It is likely that you have outgrown some of those past beliefs and ready to embrace more empowering ways of thinking and feeling.