6 LOL Ways 'The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Is Our Spirit Animal

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Almost everyone can relate somehow to the show's adorably awkward antics.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt hit Netflix earlier this month, and the episodes are more addicting than Taylor Swift.

An insane preacher kidnapped Kimmy, played by Ellie Kemper, and kept her in a cult for 15 years, making her believe the world had ended. She decided to explore her freedom in the one place known for new beginnings: New York City.

Between her utter naivete and unearthing feminism, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt encapsulates everything we love in a spirit animal. Here's how:

1. She Doesn't Totally Get Today's Lingo

Of course, Kimmy has a pretty legitimate excuse for not understanding the world, but we don't always understand the bounty of terms pop culture seems to understand. Exhibit A: "Hashbrown: no filter."

2. Her Friends Have Ulterior Motives

Kimmy's roommate, Titus, is always scheming for ways he can profit. He tries to keep it concealed — as do we — but sometimes there's just no denying that you're only going to housesit if you can film an extravagant music video while you're at it.

3. Her Flirting Is A Ball Of Awkward

Kimmy is everything we fear we are when trying to get our flirt on. Sometimes she accidently breaks into song or tells a boy she'll be waiting with her "kissing hole" and then professes her love for him. She summed up everything we've ever thought after doing something awkward; "I was trying to have fun, and then I made everything weird 'cause I'm weird." Been there.

4. Her 10-Second Rule Always Works

Kimmy's 10-second rule got her through cult life, but it's useful in almost any capacity. The idea is that you can withstand 10 seconds of anything — just count to 10, and then restart again. It's like a calming deep breath, Kimmy-style.

5. Her Friends Shamelessly Love Lazy Days

Kimmy's boss Jacqueline has only ever dreamt of being a Manhattan socialite and has a tragically low level of street smarts. When she can't figure out how to unzip her dress, she showers, sleeps and road trips with it on — such an admirable level of laziness. Titus is equally as praiseworthy, begging to get out of helping Kimmy because he "already did something today." Right on, Titus.

6. She's A Feminist — And Proud Of It

From shaming a cat-caller to telling off male authority figures, Kimmy and the rest of the ladies on this show are unabashedly feminist. Even Jacqueline showed us that when she said how she really felt about her male-voiced GPS; "I am so sick of men like him bossing me around. I have my own opinions. I can do stuff without you."