5 Dos And Don'ts From 'The Bachelor's' CRAZIEST Season Ever

bachelor season 19

This season went down in 'Bachelor' history as the one with the most RIDICULOUS contestants!

Back in January, Chris Harrison declared that season 19 would be the craziest one yet. We were skeptical, because filling two hours with more tears and backstabbing seemed nearly impossible, even for the skillfull editing team of The Bachelor.

But then this season's contestants got out of the limo, carrying Karaoke machines and dropping lines like, "You can plow the f–k out of my field, any day." We knew Chris wasn't lying, and we were in for a serious emotional ride.

During the season finale on March 9th, farmer-turned-bachelor Chris Soules was down to his final rose, which he gave to Whitney along with an engagement ring.

Despite the romantic ending, there's no doubt this season went down in Bachelor history as the one with the craziest contestants.

In the midst of all this craziness, there were plenty of dating tips to learn. Most notably, we learned what not to do.

Here are five dos and don'ts that this season's contestants taught us, as well as anecdotal evidence that proves your life isn't as crazy as you think it is.

1. Make A Good First Impression.

Arguably, the best part of any Bachelor or Bachelorette season are the introductions. This always gets a thousand times more interesting when a few of the contestants are really, really crazy. 

Here we learn a lot, not only about the contestants, but about how to make a terrible first impression.

It seems the most successful introductions are the ones that keep it simple. This means avoiding handing out coupons for free hugs, dressing like a pig to impress a farmer or dragging up a cooler with fake body parts inside.

If you're a flight attendant, this also means avoiding lines like, "Smoking is not allowed on this aircraft … unless you're smoking hot."

2. Don't Be An Ashley S. 

By this, we mostly mean to keep your craziness in check—at least when you're on national television.

Ashley S. sparked a thousand new memes during the premiere when she went on a rant about onions. She was talking about how people are like onions and how you cut and peel them—and we think she means literally because she literally is crazy.

Then, she finds an onion in the garden and stops her interview to pick it. Turns out it's a pomegranate, and she thinks that's just about the weirdest thing she's ever seen.

She also provided insight throughout the time on the show about the important things in life, such as running through sunflower fields and riding horses.

3. Be Real (That Means: Totally Honest) 

Obviously, lying in general is best to just avoid, but this season we saw it ruin a potential relationship.

Jade, one of Chris' favorites from the beginning, made it all the way to hometowns week (a major Bachelor milestone) and then revealed she'd posed nude for Playboy. We'd call this a secret, but all you had to do was Google her to find out.

We're guessing Chris knew gossip like this would spread pretty quickly through Arlington, Iowa, and Jade went home shortly after.

This proves two things. First, omission definitely counts as lying, and second, it's best to avoid posing for Playboy if you hope to one day date a small town farmer from Iowa.

4. Don't Be A Kelsey. 

The biggest plot twist of this season was definitely the multiple personalities of Kelsey. She was a widow, and one of our favorites in the beginning, mostly because she was elegant, seemed somewhat sane and wasn't chasing after onions in the garden. 

But when the girls headed to South Dakota halfway through the season, we were suddenly watching The Kelsey Show, and the rest of the contestants were just extras.

Kelsey was a widow, which was sad, but she used her tragic past to get a rose, with her famous quote, "Isn't my story amazing? It's tragic, but it's amazing. I love my story." So not only is Kelsey fake, but she's rivaling Ashley S. for the title of craziest contestant.

From this, we learn to always be genuine, never be manipulative and don't fake a panic attack. The 10 other women you're sharing a house with can (and will) rip you apart for it.

5. Be The Bigger Person. 

Every season we see the girls who lie to the Bachelor's face, and then the girls who run and tell him behind her back.This action might seem heroic, but it usually doesn't work out well for either of them.

This season we witnessed all of this go down in an epic two-on-one date involving Kelsey (see #4) and Ashley (a different one).

Ashley confessed to Chris that everyone in the house thought Kelsey was crazy and manipulative. Sure, Kelsey is all of those things, but ratting her out like that didn't make Ashley look so good.

Before we knew it, both girls were on a helicopter off to live their own, crazy lives. This goes to show that being the bigger person usually pays off and gets you a rose.

Whether you love, hate or love to hate The Bachelor series, you're sure to learn plenty of lessons from this past season, as well as see lots of crying in limos.