Are You "Too Busy" To Find Love?

Are You "Too Busy" To Find Love?

Break thru this barrier to love and get all the love you deserve with love advice from Socrates.

Want to fill a void in your love life?  Then heed the savvy love advice that Socrates shared over 2400 years ago:

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”

Are you too busy to find your great love match and form a fabulous intimate relationship?

If so, you’re not alone. Eight million of us hold down two or more jobs. Working moms spend two or more hours after each workday caring for their children and the home. If you're feeling over-worked and under-loved, how do you free up time and energy to find love and get the red-hot relationship you deserve now? 

It's easier than you may think.  You simply start making different choices that produce different results. You transform barren busy-ness into a thriving life you love, when you make simple adjustments in your mental outlook and daily action plan:

1. Focus on the positives

*  Throughout your day, you may need to flip your thought switch away from stress and dis-ease and give thanks for your blessings and love in your life. 
*  Think of what you “get” to do each day, instead of what you "must" do.
*  See your obligations as opportunities. You may not love all you do, but you can do it with love and gratitude for each opportunity. 

Feeling love and gratitude attracts love like an irresistible love magnet.  Focusing on the positives also takes weight off your shoulders and prevents you from feeling overwhelmed. Now, you’re in the right mindset to make your next adjustment.

2. Find a balance in your priorities

* Take a quiet moment to notice how you spend your 24 hours in each day.
* Are you diligently focused on meeting duties and deadlines, so that you are neglecting your personal care and relationships?
* Do you fill your quiet hours with intense activities or mindless entertainment, so that you don’t notice an empty void in your love life?
* Are you tired of feeling pulled in too many different directions and eager to change this?

You find balance in priorities by letting go of things that aren’t meaningful or important to you. How?

*  List your essential duties in each day in your work life and personal life.
*  List what you find most rewarding for you and your loved ones.
*  List what is most beneficial to your health and well being, including play time.
*  List non-essentials you will let go of now, deleting these time and energy drainers.
*  Promise yourself to say NO to barren busy-ness and YES to nourishing your well being and devoting time to find love and do more of what you love each day.

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