Will Nearby Location Discovery Be the New Trend for Dating Apps?

Imagine a world where your phone alerts you to singles nearby, in real time. Move over, Tinder.

For many years, the most oft-mentioned problem with online dating was finding someone compatible who also lived within a person’s drivable vicinity.  For some, who were willing to shell out thousands to get a visa and meet their Filipino bride, it wasn’t a critical issue.  However, the vast majority of online users—especially among the casual dating crowd—can’t afford to travel overseas or across several states.  They want reasonable compatibility with choices in reasonable proximity to where they live.  

Enter the newest technological marvel: proximity dating and location discovery technology.  Previously, online companies found ways to localize dating content and match people up according to county, state or city.  However, this system is far from perfect. It might work for daters who are looking to put the time in to getting to know someone for days or weeks before deciding to meet up but not so much for users who are on the prowl, right now, looking to hook up or fall in love with someone close by.  

The Newest Development in Online Dating

Location discovery technology and software development kits like p2pkit are set to revolutionize dating apps, since the technology allows users to discover people device to device, in real time.  Putting this new technology to use in a dating app would mean users could simply be informed via notification if a match is anywhere within his/her vicinity—as nearby as the same store, the same club or the same street. 

The p2pkit technology is always on, even if the device is “asleep” or on standby.  It is fast and reliable and very up to the minute, with the ability to inform users when a match has left the vicinity.  (You missed your chance!)  Even in areas where no Wi-FI or 4G is available, connectivity will not be affected.  All major platforms and all modern devices will be able to “sense” each other in real time.  All that and highly efficient battery, unlike the notoriously draining GPS system. 

A Matter of Convenience, Not Obligation

With systems like Tinder or Badoo, leading the way in brand name awareness, it’s all set to explode in the coming years and will help singles find each other in record time. 

Joe Brennan Jr., vice president of Webdate, makes a good point, “[People] don't have to date on their computer.  They can date on their handset.  It's all about letting people decide what path is best for them.” 

Dating should be easy, noncommittal and very localized to the individual.  Online dating websites, particularly commercial ones, feel like an obligation. Apps have made their way to the forefront of the dating scene for a reason, and with nearby location discovery and p2p technology, dating is about to become even easier.  

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This is why location discovery technology, such as the development kit from p2pkit is going to expand the dating app scene in very amazing ways.  Now if only there were an app to help all that social awkwardness…