What You Should Do After Your AWFUL Break Up To Get Yourself Moving

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At some point it's time to move ON.

Breaking up is ALWAYS painful. It really doesn’t matter whether you dated for only a short while or you had a long, drawn-out affair — the emotional whirlwind is the same. 

There are feelings of loss, failure to make the relationship work. These are natural reactions that usually take some time to work through, but in the end, the process can be extremely beneficial. You’ll be stronger and more aware of who you are and your influence on others. 

It's time to get your ex OUT of your head.

When it’s over, accept that the door has closed.  It’s easy in theory, but so much more difficult in practice. Begin by clearing all evidence of your former lover’s existence from your home: hairbrush, toothbrush, cologne, etc.  

If you're reluctant to toss the photographs and other keepsakes of your relationship, pack them into a box and shove them into the deepest, darkest corner of your closet. 

Cleaning the other person out mentally isn’t as easy as you might think. You probably will need to talk through it with a friend. Airing out the relationship can help put things back into perspective, but use discretion. 

Your best friend is willing to lend a sympathetic ear once or twice, but people are usually anxious to see you move on. They’ll want you to progress to the next level of healing, perhaps before you are ready. If you feel you are abusing your friendships, visit a counselor to help you sort through your problems constructively. 

The challenge is REAL.

As harsh as it may sound, when you rejoin the singles club, you’re playing the same game as everyone else — and it's competitive. You need to look your best, feel your best and be lively and engaging. 

It’s very common for women to either change their hair color or cut their hair after a break up. They want a new face, a new look to present to the public. Men go through this too. It's not uncommon that they begin sporting shorter haircuts or grow a new beard. 

Often, during the course of a relationship, you don’t worry much about appearances. You start becoming more indulgent in the foods you eat and start slacking off on exercises, but when you start choosing wardrobes to fit our new, stylish self, you start become a concerned with what you see in the mirror. 

So you HAVE to get healthy again.

The only way to be on top of your game when you're back in the dating world is to get healthy and STAY healthy. You are more physically active and develop more mental prowess. It’s tempting to shed those extra pounds through a crash diet, but be careful; a ton of them depriving you of much needed proteins, vitamins and minerals, and quick weight loss programs typically mean you’ll gain the weight back quickly once you've tired of starving yourself. 

If you’ve experienced a troubling weight gain either during your relationship or during the coping period when you began eating comfort foods, it helps to consult an expert weight loss consultant. 

A diet weight loss consultant will ask you a series of questions so s/he may best suggest a weight loss diet plan and medication specific to you as an individual. This can include a specific diet plan for diabetics, those needing to lose more than 50 lbs. to 200 lbs. to 20 lbs.

Each person is unique, as is their health history. The doctor will create a personalized diet plan that will help with rapid weight loss.

“The important thing is to work with your diet consultant for an exercise plan that will keep your muscles firm while you are losing weight and will improve your blood circulation for maximum fitness,” says a doctor from DietDoc. “Your individual diet plan should include a maintenance program that will keep the weight off so you’re always on top of your game.”

Breakup’s are painful, but the makeover afterward is always exciting, with a fresh, new healthier you ready for the next challenge.