Women's 5 Biggest Turn-Offs


Your date doesn't even have a chance if his habits make this list.

By Sarah Foulkes for GalTime

Dating can be tough-- and worrying about  making a good first impression can be stressful. But there are a handful of things... let's call them turnoffs, that can make you want to ditch your date before dinner even starts.

Jennifer Purdie of San Diego has dated several guys and had her share of "bad" dates... but some instances stand out more than others. 

"I once had a guy text on his Blackberry the entire date, barely even looking up to talk to me," remembers 34-year-old Jennifer. "I walked out and left him the bill."

Women and men experience these situations all the time, leaving them turned off and literally wanting to get away from the other person. It’s Just Lunch, the world’s #1 personalized matchmaking service, recently took a survey of over 5,000 singles and found the top 5 biggest turn-offs. According to Irene LaCota of It's Just Lunch, "You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression." 


1.  They Have Bad Breath
As if talking to someone with bad breath isn’t bad enough, kissing someone with bad breath is unbearable. Bad breath may just be a case of their onion-ed up Subway sandwich, or it could be a more serious case like halitosis or another periodontal disease. This number one turnoff (for 26%) can also be a gentle reminder to you, no man wants to kiss a woman with bad breath!

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2.  They Appear Unkempt
Okay, so the Ryan Gosling messy hairdo is not what this means. This could mean yellow teeth, stained shirts, nose hair, unkempt feet and nails and not clean shaven or groomed. A woman wants a man who minds enough to take care of himself. This was the biggest turnoff for 26% of singles surveyed.

3.  They Are Overweight
Being overweight doesn’t reflect someone’s personality or admirable attributes. But a man or woman definitely doesn’t get turned on by someone who’s overweight. Twenty-five percent of men and women surveyed thought this was the biggest turnoff.

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4.  They Smoke
For 22% of those surveyed, smoking was an instant turnoff. Smoking also ties into bad breath as it could be a cause. In addition to the stigma associated with smoking, the actual act of smoking requires time away from a date to go smoke outside.

5.  They Don’t Follow the Golden Rule

“There is nothing more unattractive than being rude or dismissive of those serving you coffee, lunch or dinner, driving you in a cab, and so on. Remember the Golden Rule when you’re out with a new companion; trust us, your date will notice and react positively,” says LaCota.

Before you get discouraged (or too grossed out!) there is good news. None of these turnoffs are permanent or reflective of someone’s character.

According to the It's Just Lunch survey, for most individuals, no single attribute is a deal breaker. So if you dig your date but are turned off... remember-- some of these turnoffs can be remedied. 

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