Perfect Date Night:A Strip Club.Yeah, Strip Club

Love, Sex

Joining your significant other at a 'gentleman's club' may be just what the love doctor ordered

  By GalTime Love Coach, Johanna Lyman

 I often recommend that couples, especially those with young children, make a regular date night. Today I have a suggestion for where to go on your date: an upscale gentlemen’s club. Yes, a strip club.

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Before you come after me with a pitchfork, let me explain. Lots of women have the idea that strip clubs are places men potentially go to have sex for money. While that does happen in some places (notably Las Vegas and formerly Providence RI, where it was legal until recently), it’s mostly not true. Most strip clubs, especially the ones that call themselves “upscale” are all about the entertainment, not sex. Here’s why I think you should have date night at a strip club:

1. It’s sexy. Even if you have no interest in being with another woman sexually, the female form- especially those fit enough to do pole tricks- is a beautiful thing.

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2. Your partner will love you for it. He’s probably gone to strip clubs without you and felt guilty leaving you behind. If you show you’re game, he’ll really appreciate it. He’ll want you to have a good time, so he’ll be attentive even in the midst of nearly naked women.

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3. It could inspire you. I’ve spoken to lots of women who go to strip clubs, and most of them are inspired by the dancers. Whether you’re inspired to get in better shape, take pole dancing lessons, or try a move you see someone make on your partner later, it’s all good.

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4. It’s not as scary as it sounds. Of all the women I’ve spoken to (dozens at least), only one left the club unhappy she had come. She was just unhappy and determined to stay that way; I don’t think being at the club really mattered much. Most dancers love to chat with couples and pay attention to women customers. They’re only topless (or nude, depending on the state) when they’re on stage; the rest of the time they’re dressed.

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5. You’re almost guaranteed to have a night of steamy sex. Your partner’s imagination will be in overdrive from all the visual stimulation, and if you talk about your favorite dancer or your favorite pole trick, he’ll go crazy. Have fun!

Have you ever gone to a strip club (with or without your mate?) Did you like it and did it add spice to your relationship? Are you totally against the idea? We want to hear from you!