5 Biggest First Date Deal Breakers


Things to avoid while on a date.

By Sarah Foulkes, Galtime.com

You’ve had plans to meet a "new guy" for a week, you're all dolled up and ready for your first date-- and you can’t wait! He picks you up and you go out for a bite... but there's something about him that stops the romance before it starts... let's call it a deal breaker.

Although she’s been married for 23 years now, Gigi Lewis from Houston, Texas will never forget her deal breaker date. “The deal breaker was that after enjoying a lovely dinner, the guy pulled out a coupon to pay for the meal. This was a first date. I have nothing against coupons, but it was unimpressive,” said Lewis.

Fast forward to the present. These days, Lewis actually teaches romance as part of her etiquette business, and she’s including that tip in her workshops-- do not use coupons on a first date.

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Instances like this are what make men wonder why they didn’t get a call back, and women think they wasted a Friday night. The world’s number one matchmaking service, It’s Just Lunch, took a survey of 5,000 singles to find the most agreed upon deal breakers.

According to a new set of first impression criteria, It’s Just Lunch respondents found a few deal breakers that could derail the potential for that second date. “Unless it’s an absolute emergency, put the phone away during a date. You can’t get to know someone if you’re distracted by calls and texts,” said Irene LaCota of It’s Just Lunch.

Deal Breakers
No Common Interests

Too Much Alcohol

Bad Breath

Answering the phone


The number one deal breaker from the survey is pretty straightforward. “Sometimes, you might find you don’t have anything in common with your date and that’s okay. Relax, and don’t push it,” advises LaCota.

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Getting back to the coupon conundrum, LaCota says a new trend in dating is deciding whether to bring an online coupon, like from Groupon or Living Social, to the first date. More direction from the "It's Just Lunch" survey: Ditch it. Only 20 percent of respondents thought that that was a good idea for a first date, while 41 percent thought it was cheap and the other 39 percent, tacky.

“We agree with the majority that it looks both tacky and cheap,” LaCota concludes.

What do you think ? Have you experienced a deal breaker on a first date? If your date used a coupon... would that be a deal breaker?

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