Is Your Wedding Robbing You? 5 Ideas To Cut Costs For The Big Day


Create a memorable wedding day that won't break the bank.

To reduce your wedding budget, rethink how to include your loved ones and friends. Couples do this in a number of ways. Your loved ones would like to be included, but that inclusion can be simply and sweet.

Consider these ideas:

  1. Make the guest list two events. For example, invite your parents and siblings to a private ceremony and include your friends and family in a celebratory gathering either later that day, or after your honeymoon.
  2. Choose brunch over dinner. Have the ceremony on Sunday at 11am, and have your loved ones join you for Sunday brunch. Sunday brunch runs about fifty dollars per person, rather than a dinner which will cost about one hundred per person. Cut the cost in half.
  3. Have an afternoon wedding. Cut it by a quarter by sharing a champagne toast, a cake-cutting with a 2pm wedding, and your guests can make their own arrangements for dinner.
  4. Plan a home celebration where your community hosts a simple event for you, bringing homemade food or favorite family recipes. Do this after you have your wedding images and play them on an ongoing loop during the first hour to share your ceremony with everyone.
  5. Select a location for a smaller size group. You can cut wedding ceremony location costs from double digit numbers to single. The ceremony can be causal in nature, which equals less cost. The focus is on your ceremony rather than hosting.

Planning Your Wedding Phases

A memorable wedding ceremony includes mostly your two hearts. The smaller and more intimate your ceremony, the more you can focus on each other, rather than turning the attention outward and focusing on hosting guests. It becomes time for two, and perhaps a few.

On your wedding day, it will become clear that sharing a meal with friends isn't as valuable to your marriage as sharing an extended time away together. Now you know in advance and you can plan accordingly.

Focus on your joining and including your loved ones in ways that are rich and deep. Rethink it and get it to work for the two of you. It is the beginning of your future.

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