4 Reasons Your Marriage Is Susceptible To Divorce

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Keep your union strong despite all the forces that try to weaken it.

The fire of love is a fragile and fickle flame. I often hear stories of people leaving good relationships because they have developed deep connections outside the marriage. So, how can you keep your marriage intact? There are four, cultural elements causing marriage and love to be extra fragile. They are:

1. We marry for love. We have been doing this for less than 100 years. Up until recent history, we married because of family loyalties, property, status, religious mandates and social tradition.

Love is a fragile thing ... it needs lots of TLC! If love is ignored, the bond in the relationship will weaken. Inside this weakness dissention, criticism and distance grows. Love is like a small flame; it needs lots of consistent time and attention to stay strong!

2. Spouses aren't dependent on one another. Women and men are now both able to care for themselves and their children financially and socially, leaving both sexes less likely to stay in unhappy relationships. This fact, plus the fact that many people have successfully moved on from one marriage into another life reduces the stigma of divorce.

The financial and social pressure to stay married isn't what it used to be. People stay married because they choose each other daily, they want to choose each other daily, and they nourish their connection daily as well.

3. We live longer than we ever have. The average age of marriage in urban areas is 26 for women and 28 for men. With a lifespan of 85-plus years, it is feasible to be married for 60-plus years. There is a great amount of change people go through over a 60-year relationship. Keep reading ...

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