Love From The Afterlife: Recognizing the Signs of Spirit Presence

girl connects with her deceased love
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Are your deceased loved ones trying to continue a relationship with you from beyond?

Becoming aware of the intricate tapestry of signs that signal spirit presence helps you realize that spirits walk beside you, guiding you and enveloping you in an eternal embrace.

As I’ve discovered, spirits have the ability to influence the material world in astonishing ways that often defy time, space, gravity and the laws of science.

Here are just a few of the signs that I’ve experienced:

  • Materialization of objects (coins, feathers)
  • Symbolic after death communications (rainbows, shooting stars, butterflies)
  • Visitations during dreams and twilight states
  • Mind melding
  • Messages delivered through Open Vessels (wild and domestic animals, healers, the very young, emotionally or physically disabled people, the homeless, the elderly and the dying)
  • Messages delivered through Earthly Props (turning on or off lights, machines and electronic devices)
  • Inexplicable physical sensations (a wind rushing through you, temperate changes, drafts, gooseflesh, a chill up your spine, hair standing on end, golden light, a feeling weight or pressure against you or a sense of warmth entering the body)
  • Odd scents associated with the deceased person (in Jean's case, burning toast and morning coffee)
  • Inexplicable sounds (creaking floorboards, the sound of the couch springs squeaking or loud banging)
  • Visions or apparitions

To further help you recognize the signs of spirit presence in your life, I devote an entire chapter in Love Never Dies to sharing the mind bending and astonishing signs that Jean has offered me.

A word of warning: I don’t want you to feel discouraged if your own examples don’t seem as exotic or outlandish as my own. Remember, Jean wanted to make it clear to me that the spirit lives on and our relationships don't end in death, so that I would tell our story. That is why Jean has pulled out all the stops, offering unequivocal signs to prove to the world that the spirit lives on and that love never dies. Jean is therefore not only sending signs to me, he is sending them to you, as well.

So even if your spirit signs seem subdued compared to the ones I’ve experienced, don’t despair; you will soon discover that your loved ones have been working up quite a spiritual sweat to signal their presence to you. Your loved ones are continually sprinkling a trail of spiritual bread crumbs to let you know that they’re not only watching over you, but also yearning to continue a relationship with you. They offer these signs to remind you that they stand ready to do whatever they can to support you as you travel down life’s bumpy roads. And they’re here to assist you in completing your spiritual growth so that you may fulfill your divine purpose on earth in preparation for your next life in spirit.

Amazingly, as I was writing the chapter on signs, a friend of mine told me that she had just heard a radio show in which a Harvard psychiatrist was discussing the grieving process. In his discussion, he referred to patients who reported receiving signs from a deceased loved one. He said that signs are nothing more than a diagnostic indicator that tells the clinician that the grieving process has not been completed. And when the grief is resolved, the signs will cease to manifest themselves. What folly! What ignorance! As you will soon discover, witnesses were often present to observe Jean’s signs. These witnesses didn’t know Jean and therefore were not mourning his loss. Obviously they were not in a grieving process at all!

One more point: There’s an emerging field of study in which scientists are examining the question of soul survival. Some researchers are now beginning to postulate that the soul is an entity that cannot be destroyed, and that at the moment of bodily death, the soul returns to the universe at large. While this emerging science is progress, if I grasp this paradigm, it seems that scientists believe that the energy that constitutes a soul just hangs around like ethereal soap scum. As you will see when you read my own examples, beings in spirit form are more than a residue. They are sentient beings that are completely aware and conscious of what’s happening in your world, as their signs indicate.

Remember, when a loved one is no longer confined to the limitations of the body, the soul is released and free to soar. Being pure energy, spirits can influence the material world in astonishing ways that defy time, space, gravity, and the laws of science. The ways spirits can influence the material world are infinite. So open your eyes and you will be amazed at the endless ways that loved ones are continually offering you signs of their ongoing and loving presence in your life.

In Love Never Dies, I provide complete instructions and guidelines for meditation and other peaceful practices that will help you receive spirit communications. In addition to teaching you how to cultivate the ability to be truly still and quiet, I share five other methods for heightening your receptivity to spirit. These include:

  1. Surrendering to all your emotional states
  2. Entering a trance by bypassing your conscious mind through meditation, progressive relaxation, self-hypnosis, prayer, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and/or deep-breathing
  3. Taking advantage of hypnagogic (twilight) states
  4. Using nature
Cultivating heightened awareness (I share various exercises for awakening your sensory and psychic abilities)

All these simple techniques will help you to clear your mind and empty your vessel so you can easily receive signs, messages, and the eternal love that spirit holds for you.

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