Seven Things To Give Up To Get Love!

Giving up something in one of seven areas is more likely to lead you to your Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Seven Things to Give Up to Get Love

Many times when people want to attract their ideal partner, they often make a list of things to do -- action steps, if you will -- that will help them meet "the one." They add new activities into their routine, join dating services, write singles ads. They may start an exercise program or buy new clothes in an effort to look better. They let their friends know they're "in the market."

Seldom do people think of giving up something as a way to attract Mr. or Ms. Right. Well, this is not entirely true. People may give up such things as smoking or overeating. But the kind of "giving-up" I'm referring to is about your beliefs, attitudes and feelings. Giving up something in one of these three areas is more likely to lead you to your Mr. or Ms. Right. Here is a list of seven things you should consider giving up if you want to attract your Mr. or Ms. Right:

1. Give up anger at the opposite sex.

2. Give up on your past relationships.

3. Give up trying to be perfect in order to attract a mate.

4. Give up protecting yourself from hurt.

5. Give up needing to be in “control.”

6. Give up needing to be “right.”

7. Give up looking for a relationship.

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