The BEST Way To Finally Find Your Dream Guy


If you love shopping and you're single, you're in luck!

There is a plethora of men out there. Whether you're online dating using manazon.com or you're out and about going to Man Foods, men are everywhere.

I want you to think of running your errands in different way. There is a possibility you can run into your soul mate everywhere … or at least a decent guy who'd be fun for a night.

When you're online dating, you're basically running errands on the Internet. You're shopping through profiles. You’re searching for that perfect dress (okay, man).

When you're shopping for your perfect man, I want you to avoid all the sales. You never want to buy a man who's marked down.

You never want to buy a man who's 50% off. You've already dated him.

A man who's on the clearance rack is not your dream guy. You know there are issues with him and you've already dated him. You want to avoid anybody who's 70% or 80% off, because it means that nobody wanted them.

You want your man at full price. 

Wherever you go, I want you to imagine that your purse is so giant that it can fit your ideal man in it.

I want you to get this visual inside your head: You're shopping, and you've got your giant bag that can fit your perfect man in it. You'll have no problem fitting this guy in a bag because he's out looking for you, too.

When you're out running your errands, it's one of the best times to meet men because it's a natural, organic way of meeting anybody. 

It's so natural. If you start to bring it into your consciousness, you'll do it on a regular basis.

Just think: Every time you go to Starbucks to order a latte, you can order a man as well. Whenever you go to Whole Foods, you can order a man up as well.

Men are everywhere. Start smiling. Start flirting.

If your goal is to land a man, you need to put in the work. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The bottom line is you have opportunities to meet men all the time. I want you to change your mind set.

I want you to put your phones down. I want you to stop texting people in public. 

I want you to go man shopping the same way you'd look for a great new outfit. Have the same pride that you get when you snag the amazing dress you've been looking for forever.

I want you to look at a man the same way.

You know the great feeling when you're in a store and you see this amazing, beautiful dress? You walk towards it and another woman is walking towards it. You add a little zest to your step and you beat her to the dress. 

You try it on, you like the feeling you get—that sensation. When you go to the register to pay for it, you feel great. You go home and you try it on again because you like it that much.

When you try on a man, he should make you feel the same way you do in that dress. You want to try him on and see if he's fit. You want to see if he's perfect for you, and if he fits the way you think he fits at first glance.

You want that man in your wardrobe so you'll be able to reach for him every single day.

You want this man at your disposal so whenever you feel like a romantic night out, there he is, waiting in your wardrobe.

Change the way you think about picking up a man. You're going to start man shopping.

Start thinking about it as a conquest and you will meet the great men out there—the men who are looking for you every single day, wishing, wanting, desiring you.

Oh yeah, that's right. I'm going to talk it up. I'm going to make you feel really, really, really good. You deserve it.

Go shopping right now for your perfect man.