Is "Sexting" Sexy? The Faults In Cyber Intimacy

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"What are you wearing right now?"

The other day a client came over and showed me all the ‘sext’ messages she’s had from this guy.

They haven’t had sex yet. In fact, they’ve only really made out. But they’ve been sexting each other non-stop. She showed me all these messages where he’s told her what he’s “going to do to her pussy.”

The other night they ended up having a ‘sext’ marathon. They were both frantically typing on their screens every minute.

He’d sent her messages like, “I want you so bad. Are you wet?” She’d message back, “I want you inside me. Are you hard right now?”

I started laughing when she showed me. I was trying to picture the scene, come with me on this visual right now.

The idea of ‘sexting’. The only thing that’s really hard is the screen you’re tapping on.

I hope the screen isn’t wet because we all know what happens to your iPhone when it gets wet. It doesn’t get excited. It gets damaged. So, you have the phone in one hand.

If you’re a guy, you’re lubing up your dick in the other hand. Most of us aren’t ambidextrous so either you’re trying to jerk with your left hand if you’re a righty, or you’re trying to text with your left hand.

Your brain is frazzled and your penis thinks you’re having an affair because you’ve switched hands.

So while doing this, you're waiting for the beep to go off on your iPhone icon so you can see the next description of what the other person is doing.

Meanwhile, the girl on the other end is reading the text, getting really turned on and using her vibrator to get herself off. Does that sound sexy to you? Does that really turn you on?

Because it doesn't turn me on. Phone sex I kind of understand because there you could actually hear each other’s voice. You can hear the heavy breathing and you can tell each other what you’re doing.

Now it’s all one hand on phone, one hand on your organs. I don’t get ‘sexting’.

How can it be arousing to have your lubricated hand all over your iPhone?

You have one lubed hand, he’s stroking his penis in one hand, you’re stroking your pussy with the other. Now both of your hands are soaking and your iPhone is getting disgusting.

Why don’t you face time and then you can actually see what the other person is doing?

Mutual masturbation is hot. It's a great way to learn about how your lover likes to be touched. I love watching my partner play with herself because I learn the speed of how she wants things done, how she builds herself up, and how she touches herself.

You can learn so much about your lover by watching them masturbate. Forget texting or ‘sexting’. You have modern technology on your side!

Facetime if you’re going to masturbate to each other. At least do it so you can watch each other!