Valentine's Day Could Teach You A Thing Or Two About Spirituality


Activate your true power and purpose with some ancient heart wisdom.

Valentine's Day draws attention to the heart — it's courage, compassion, strength, and wisdom. 

Many of us feel a sense of urgency on the planet now. We are being called to action, to seed and create a new paradigm on a whole new earth that will prosper and flourish beyond what we may imagine. Some call this time the New Renaissance, the New Camelot, the New Age. More than ever, cultivating the qualities of the heart is crucial to our well-being and even survival.  

As a longtime journalist, I've had the privilege of traveling the world to write about the art and culture of many sacred places. My memoir Sojourns of the Soul: One Woman's Journey around the World and into Her Truth explores my spiritual awakening through my travels and a deep immersion in the esoteric teachings and practices of wisdom traditions such as the Tibetan, shamanic, Mayan, Egyptian, and mystical Christian.     

A Higher Life   

I've found that many of the teachings and practices of these wisdom traditions overlap and interweave and often lead back to the heart — to truly embody the heart's wisdom and a heart-centered way of being. I notice when I stay focused and centered in my heart I feel lighter, more peaceful and joyful, grounded and balanced. 

I even feel physically healthier, for the heart chakra — one of the main spiritual energy centers of the body — is associated with the immune regulating functions of the thymus gland. This heart-centering is an ongoing practice, of course, one that requires constant vigilance in observing ourselves — our thoughts, perceptions, feelings, and actions — moment by moment, and then bringing our attention over and over again back to the heart.         

My direct experience with diverse wisdom traditions — among the people and places where they are so alive—and my work as a healing practitioner have confirmed what I’ve always believed to be true: It is only by living fully in and through our hearts that we are most effectively able to expand and accelerate our spiritual growth and be of service to others, to make our greatest strides into a higher way of life, where there is only peace of mind, harmony, abundance, and love. The pure and open heart does not judge or condemn. It does not succumb to doubt and fear. It seeks not to separate but to unify. 

Paying It Backward (And Inward)    

The Dalai Lama has often said, "kindness is my religion." There is nothing like a simple act of kindness, whether given or received, to bring us back to our hearts. It was warming to hear from a Belgian friend about the kindness of strangers in the cafés of Europe who are buying coffee credits for those in need. Not to mention the U.S. phenomenon of customers at toll booths and drive-through spots "paying it backward" to the person behind them. There's even an energy bar called "Kind," how uplifting. 

Sometimes it's easier to be kinder to others than to ourselves. That pesky, critical voice within will try to diminish and distract us, as the same tape keeps playing: "I'm not doing enough. I could be more, have more, etc...." 

I'll never forget a line from the soul-stirring Broadway show "A Night with Janis Joplin," which I saw a few years ago. At one point, while reflecting on a failed romance, Janis said in a flash of impassioned awareness, "Wait a minute! All this time, I've been saying, you're the One, you're the One! Well, now I know you'e not the — One.  I'm the — One (insert expletives)!" Even if we've likely come to the same (deceptively simple) realization, it's another thing to embody that self-love with unwavering conviction, standing in our full truth and authenticity.

We are each here now, during this Great Shift in consciousness, with a unique purpose and mission. We are being called to step up to the plate and into our divine essence and power, to remember who we are and become what we have always been — mystics, magicians, lovers, and ambassadors of light. We must think with our hearts, feel with our hearts, see with our hearts, trust with our hearts. The heart is the seat of our Christ Consciousness and the launching pad to higher dimensions on our return path to Source.  

To open, activate, and expand your heart's true calling contact Dana at dmicucci@earthlink.net about her mentorship program for women, Divine Life: A Woman’s Guide to Your Own True Power™.