12 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship

12 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship [EXPERT]

If you are feeling down about your relationship, here are ways to make everything better again.

1. Gratitude is a simple practice with a powerful effect. Make gratitude your basic thought throughout the day. When you think with gratitude, you speak, move and vibrate with gratitude. The recipient of your gratitude becomes more loving, affection and happy. Try it out with your partner. As both a counselor and a human, I have seen this work wonders time and time again! 22 Ways Couples Can Survive Cheating (And Finally Heal From The Betrayal)

2. If you are recycling a complaint about the one you love over and over again, you are stirring up stress and sorrow in your own body. Instead, identify what is happening inside YOU that is upsetting. For example, I feel sad, abandoned or lonely. Once you identify the emotion that is troubling you, welcome and love the emotion like a child needing care. Give full attention to the emotion and find out what happens. Friends In Need: How To Intervene In An Abusive Marriage

3. Add something else to the relationship. Joy, peace, kindness, love is all inside you. Choose to utilize it regardless of what your mate is or isn't doing! You are not a pre-programmed machine. You are an artist in your living interactions! 3 Cures For Your Emotional Sunburn

4. Subtract what is unnecessary. You don't need to keep what is not positive. Let go of some sorrow, frustration, anger and complaints. If you are not sure how, ask that life show you the way!

5. Loosen up whatever is stuck! If you cannot let go of some undesired feelings, face and embrace them.Be fully present, merging into the sensation of them. As you fully merge your consciousness into a feeling, it dissipates. You will find a different experience arising naturally inside your own heart.

6. Utilize your imagination to watch a movie of yourself experiencing the non-desired situation that has happened. Watch with compassion, as though it is okay to have this experience. Find out what happens when you practice this. Then try watching with neutrality, assuming the experience is not right or wrong but simply, an experience.

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