Ready To Date Again? Take This Self Love Quiz First!


Burned by love? Will fear hold you back or motivate you to blast through your limited thinking?

Ever wonder why it is so hard to hear from your intuition when it comes to love?

You might very well be experiencing rocking success with the other parts of your life. In fact, I hear that from you in the notes you leave on my Facebook wall. Readers of my best selling book, the Map, continually write to me and rave about how finding the clues along their personal inner Maps is reaping great rewards.

So why does your intuition get all fuzzy when it comes to matters of the heart?

Shhh....here’s the secret. Your Goblin does NOT want you to get this bit of truth, so listen in...When you solve your phobias about love and build healthy successful relationships, you will create a healthy successful life.

Not only that, when you follow your Map, the one you and Spirit agreed on before you ever came here, you will be amazed at how simple it is to disarm your Goblin’s scaredy cat self. Remember, your Goblin, no matter how BIG and SCARY he seems, is really just one small part of your entire consciousness.

Everyone has a wounded and broken ego busy repelling love somewhere underneath all of the posturing and projecting that is done to present one’s image to the outer world. This ‘character’ is just a part of who you are.

I created the idea of the Goblin so you can depersonalize and detach from what is only one tiny part of the magnificence of who you really are. He is the champion of Self Pity and that is a real soulmate repellent.

Because your Goblin wants to separate you from your intuition, and remember that ALWAYS happens when your attention is on that inner critical and doubting voice, your Love Life is his favorite playground. Let me give you a quiz so you can check out how vulnerable you are to fears about love:

Self Love or Self Pity Quiz

True or False, when it comes to Love:

I have been abandoned by an intimate family member like a mother, father, sister or brother.

I have been rejected by a religious or church body that professed Love but acted differently.

I have felt like a single person while I was in a “close committed” relationship.

I can have compassion for others but struggle to think of myself kindly.

I have a constant sense of separation and anxiety even when with my family and friends.

I believe that Love is something that happens to you rather than a creative force.

I have experienced nothing but pain and disappointment when it come to love.

If you answered True to most of the above, you are in the right place and I have REALLY good news for you. True Love is NOT what you think it is. Your ideas about love are terribly distorted. Because life has victimized you, you are looking at love through the filter of what I call “victim consciousness.” And guess what?

Victim Consciousness is the Goblin’s playground and self pity is inevitable...until you make a change.

If you bristle at the thought of being a victim, that is a sure sign that you have way more victim energy than you are aware of. I realize it is hard to face this. That is exactly why I created the whole Goblin idea. It is much easier to “blame” something or somebody and when you hold your Goblin responsible you empower yourself to wake yourself up to who you are.

When your Goblin is not activated, the truth has a chance to flow to and through you. And what is that Truth?

Love is way bigger than you know. Love is a creative force that connects all living things. Love connects you to the Divine. Love lives and breathes in nature and beauty. Love is the substance that materializes as you, your soulmate and even the friends and family who get on your last nerve. Love cannot be understood by the mind. Love is experienced with your heart and not your brain.

The Goblin does not want you to know what real love is, but it is not because it wishes for you to be sad and miserable. Your wounded nature is simply afraid of more pain.In the Heart Dynamix™ module of The Master Intuitive Coach® Institute training, I dive in deep to this exact dilemma. True Love heals but you must disarm your Goblin to access the healing.

Your ego mind will keep you in analysis, thinking and judgment as long as you let it. Culturally, you are surrounded by ego worship making the choice for love even more difficult and feeding your Goblin a lot of energy keeping you stuck in separateness and singleness.

Facing, accepting and embracing your wounded ego puts your Goblin to sleep and reignites your intuition. When you are reconnected to the All That Is you will tap into the limitlessness of your true nature. Once you move past comparisons and into the freedom of compassion you will celebrate diversity and that, my friend, is irresistible.


Go back to the quiz above. As you read through the statements, see if you can recognize how excited your Goblin gets as you read how life has victimized you. You may feel righteously indignant at the ‘truth’ of some of them. The goal is to experience the turmoil internally that goes along with thinking of your experience with love in these terms.

Once the energy is stirred up, lay your hand on your chest and with your eyes closed, take some deep breaths and with each exhale, imagine clouds of dusty debris flowing out of you and into the space around you. Allow the gift of breath to detox you and bring a sense of ease.

Lastly, go through the same list and write an opposite for each statement. Use these opposite statements to build your future experience with love. Remember, each of the people that hurt you were being ruled by, you guessed it, their own Goblin. Allow yourself to see that hurt people hurt people every time. Be gentle with yourself....you are worth it! 

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