Want A Perfect Relationship? 6 Secrets To Becoming THAT Couple


No relationship is perfect, but happy couples do certain little things you can copy!

Have you ever been out in public and noticed a couple that seemed so happy, so connected, so close and so in love? Chances are you watched them interact with a twinge of envy and wondered, "What's their secret?"

No relationship is perfect, but tons of research reveals certain things happy couples tend to do—and that you can copy—to buff up a lackluster relationship.

And guess what? A romance recharge doesn't require grand, over-the-top gestures or even huge chunks of time. In fact, for the most part, it's the little things that make the most impact. So try these easy-peasy dating tips to rekindle that spark!

  1. Commit random acts of affection. On a whim, try wrapping your hands around your sweetie's waist from behind, and don't be surprised if he does an about-face and snuggles you in a big bear hug. Try a playful approach by brushing your hand across his backside as he passes by. Or, how about leaning over to whisper in his ear, "You rock my world" when he least expects it? Few things are more powerful at fueling the soul and emotional health of a person—not to mention your relationship—than human touch. And the good news is, while these actions don't take a great deal of effort, they can go a long way in helping the two of you reconnect on a regular basis.
  2. Do him a solid. Stock the fridge with his favorite beer and order a pizza to arrive just before the big game he's been looking forward to watching. Pick a chore you know he dreads and do it for him without saying a word. Since men appreciate practical, tangible gestures, you'll make his day. And trust me, he'll find a loving way to return the favor.
  3. Dream a little dream. Spend a few minutes of quiet time working on your relationship bucket list. What do you dream about accomplishing together as you live happily ever after? Whether it's going on an exotic vacation, learning to salsa dance, running a marathon, or jumping out of a plane together, research shows that couples who share hopes and dreams are more satisfied and feel more connected to one another. Of course, the best part of creating a relationship bucket list is the fun you'll have crossing things off your list—not to mention the awesome memories you'll walk away with. And that can go a long way in keeping your relationship from, well, kicking the bucket!
  4. Give him a pass. He's done it again: left a pile of dirty clothes on the floor, forgotten to withdraw the cash you need to pay the sitter, showed up late for dinner without texting, etc., and you're ready to call him on it. Every couple argues, but the happiest ones have learned to pick their battles. They know that repeatedly bickering over small, insignificant matters can be destructive. So, when little things in your relationship go wrong, always ask yourself, "Is this really worth picking a fight over?" More often than not, it isn't!
  5. Stroke his ego. Chances are, you think your partner is still that hot guy you fell in love with, but you probably don't tell him that because you figure he already knows it. As the years go by, couples naturally compliment each other less for this reason. Big mistake! Go ahead and gush about how nice he smells wearing that new cologne, how that new shirt really sets off his "bedroom eyes," or thank him for some good advice he recently gave you. Compliments are the perfect way to say, "I adore you," and that little ego boost can add fiery fervor to your relationship—guaranteed.
  6. Make him a love coupon. Remember, amour doesn't always have to be expressed in words. Slip him a coupon (I offer some freebies to get you started!) that's good for a 15-minute massage followed by a passionate make-out session, invites him to a lingerie fashion show at home—starring you—or names you as his personal "Genie" and grants him one wish. Then watch the sparks fly!

Todd Reed is a Certified Communication/Relationship Coach and bestselling author of Conversation is Sexy and Revolutionize Your Relationships. Connect with him for your free gift on how to make your relationships stronger, deeper, and more rewarding.​