The 4 REAL Reasons He's Pulling Away From You (And How To Stop It)

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why men pull away
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Take note.

I've been coaching men and women and dismantling my own patterns that didn't work for years. During that time, I noticed some patterns of bad habits to leave us unfulfilled, distant, and a victim of the situation.

I'm not sure where these "strategies," "manipulations" or "rules" came from, but I'd like to take the opportunity to ask you to look and see if they're really working. Can you create a new habit that works better, in order to get you what you really want? And please feel free to add to this list.

Why do men pull away? Here are the 4 reasons:

  1. Women are distant and pull away.
  2. Women are aloof and hope (or expect) men to "chase" us.
  3. Women are annoyed/irritated and hope men come to us.
  4. Women think men "should" do something.

Again, I can speak from lots of experience by listening to loads of clients and speaking to men. These "strategies" DO NOT WORK (and if they work for you, great, but I'd bet they don't!). They only cause men to leave

When using these schemes, I always crashed and burned. I felt terrible and the situation certainly didn't go the way I wanted. How could it? I was playing games, conniving, trying to manipulate the situation to get my way, or being a baby.

And men are smart! They can smell this stuff when we, as women, aren't being our natural selves!!

I had to learn how to be loving, vulnerable and talk through things like an adult, even when it feels a bit uncomfortable. It definitely gets easier with practice and over time. Trust me.

Are you willing to practice, learn and do things that work so you get what you really want? Are you willing to have what you truly deserve? Are you willing to receive the attention you like and even be spoiled rotten?

If your answer is "yes", the first thing to do and notice is when you are doing the things above and STOP IT. Yes, right in your tracks. Oh wow…I'm doing that 'thing' again. You're brilliant, and the old patterns we believe to work are really just plain old school.

What would it be like to have a fulfilling relationship where things are out in the open? Where you can speak your mind freely and vice versa? Where you trust that the other person will do what they say they will do and have your best interest at heart?

Men do want to please women, and if you are truly interested in shifting your behavior and creating new habits that will give you the results you crave, then the first step is just to notice when you want to go to one of those old school habits.

Are you willing to give it a try and watch how his reaction to you will shift as well?

Suzanne Muller is a global Dating & Love Life Coach who knows what it takes to escape the dating world and achieve the most loving relationship of your dreams. She is the author of Loveable: 21 Practices For Being In A Loving & Fulfilling Relationship. If you’re suffering from feeling unlovable or unwanted and are willing to look within connect with her now at her website.

This article was originally published at Happy Living Forever. Reprinted with permission from the author.