Married To A Soccer Fan? 3 Ways To Enjoy The World Cup Together

Couples: How To Win His Heart During The World Cup

Planning a party is a great way to stay involved without having to watch the games.

The World Cup happens every four years. It brings life to a halt for a good percentage of the world's football fans for an entire month (or soccer as it's called in the U.S.). If the man in your life has any interest in the World Cup, we have three tips that can help you survive the month and actually bring you closer to him.

Don't assume that he's not interested or not a fan just because he's not a year round devotee of the world's most popular sport. In the U.S., soccer (known as football to the rest of the world) is the fastest growing sport in popularity.

As relationship experts who support men and women in understanding each other and getting what they need, we are aware of how sports can come between couples. Shelley's brother is such a huge fan of the World Cup, she learned the hard way that it's better to have a winning game plan in advance.

If your man is a fan of the World Cup, it may appear that you've lost him or that he doesn't care about you. Instead of things going haywire in your relationship this month, we've got three tips to actually grow closer and win his heart.

First, a few things to know about the World Cup:

These facts will make it more fun for you and maybe even impress your guy.

  1. The World Cup happens every four years in a new location. Brazil is hosting 2014. The games start June 12 and the final wrap up is on July 13. 
  2. It is the second most viewed sporting event in the world with over 715 million viewers at last count. See FIFA's official website for more fun facts about the World Cup. 
  3. Not everyone cheers for their home country team. For many fans, the World Cup is about cheering for specific players or smaller countries that might have a chance at winning against all odds. 
  4. Sex is banned for some teams for the entire month by their coaches. See number nine of the 10 Things Non-Soccer Fans Need to Know About the World Cup.
  5. Paul the Octopus, living in Germany, accurately predicted the winners of the 2010 matches in World Cup. Here’s his Wikipedia page.

And now, here are three tips to win his heart during the World Cup:

1. Ask him if the World Cup is important to him and what he's looking forward to this month.

Find out if he has a favorite team(s), player and how much he is planning to watch. Ask him if he'd like you to join him in watching some of the games or just give him a pass to watch as much of the World Cup as he'd like with no guilt trips.

Once you know what's important to him, you can find out a little bit more. Do some research and pay attention to news stories in the next month. That way, if that’s all he’s talking about, you won't feel left out or upset that he's not focused on you. This is your chance to let him know if there is something important during the month that you care about and make an agreement that works for both of you.

2. He wants you to watch some games with him.

Here is how to watch sports with a man. Think of your man as the coach of the team. It may appear that he's talking to his friends, but it's all about supporting their team for a win. The talking is not about kids, chores, future plans or even the hottest players of the World Cup. Don't interrupt, support the goal and provide snacks and beverages. If you have questions, wait until commercial breaks or after the game. Your man will appreciate you having his back. 

3. He doesn't seem to want you to watch games with him or you'd rather pass. 

There is another way to "watch" sports with your guy while not having to stick around for the hooting and hollering at the screen. Set him up for a fabulous viewing experience with no guilt and lots of support. Ask him if you can host a party and you'll get all the snacks and beverages for him and his friends. Then you can leave to do whatever you'd like until the game is over.

You can also encourage him to go to viewing parties or events and let him know it would make you happy for him to enjoy it. When the games are over, let him share the stories and if the stories don't interest you, focus on the fact that your man is happy. Celebrate that.

Men adore women who understand that when they watch sports it dosen't mean they are choosing them over her. They are filling their masculine tanks and making sure they get what they need to be the men their women want them to be. When men watch sports and see their team win, they get a boost of testosterone and that's like energy in their fuel tank.

By talking about what the World Cup means to your man up front, you get a chance to prepare yourself for the month ahead. Take the opportunity to win your man's heart during the World Cup. It might not be your cup of tea, but it's only one month out of every four years. You can do it!

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