Why Men Think Women Are Crazy


Just because you went out once doesn't mean he has to text you back in record time.

It became apparent to me that women are still doing this in full force. When it comes to dating someone new and only for a short time, please do not do this to a new love prospect. Most men will not like this constant push-pull that a lot of women do in the beginning of relationships. Some do this throughout the whole relationship, which is why men complain about this so much.

I am talking about being the crazy girl; we all have some form of this and some men can handle a little crazy, but taking it too far is why you hear, "My ex was crazy." Here is how he might think you are one. When a guy doesn't respond right away whether that's a text, a Facebook request, or even a Twitter follow, do not under any circumstances send him a drawn out text about how you know he doesn't want anything but sex. Now have you not only given him an idea about just using you for sex, you've also given him a perception of you. And that perception usually is — crazy girl.

Guys are not attached to their phones like we are. They use their phones for directions, sports, or even news, but they do not have it attached to their hip. And even if they do have it on them 24/7 that does not mean when he sees a text from you that he is going to drop what he's doing, even if it's as mundane as sitting on the toilet, to respond to you right away, and you shouldn't expect him to.

If you just met this guy and you two have hung out only a couple of times, he does not know, nor should he know what he feels for you or how he thinks you will fit in his life. But if you send him a crazy text about just wanting you for sex, trust me if he wasn't thinking about that before, he is now. Stop trying to rush or push him into telling you how he feels. You don't know him, and he doesn't know you. So please at least let him get to know you first. He may still decide that you are crazy, but at least make him decide that a month or two from now versus two days later after meeting you.

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