For My Single Friends

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Being single isn't all that bad!

The best advice I have ever given to any of my single friends is to forget the artist sketch you have in your head of how love and your soul mate are supposed to be. You get what you put into the world. If you constantly say you are going to fail at something then you shouldn’t expect anything less than failure.

Unfortunately, for our society and for my generation they are constantly thinking that the romantic novel they have read or the infamous Disney movies we have all seen is how love is supposed to be. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most of those Disney characters were narcissistic men and the woman had literally met him for one day and then all of a sudden BAM! They are in love.

Love is nothing like the movies you see or the novels you read. Sorry Fifty Shades Of Grey fans! Relationships take work, hard work and you can’t have a successful marriage or relationship in an hour and a half. And you can not expect that every man you meet will be the man of your dreams. You will have to go through the bad dates, the inexperienced sex partners, and being stood up to finally find the person you are supposed to be with.

Most would think I am cynical and I am somewhat jaded, but only because I have seen marriages at their worst and their finest. Some people luck out and some have more growing to do as a person before they can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. But I do know this, during the heartbreaks and the fun interesting times you have with the wrong ones; they will always teach you what you do and do not want in someone. And these are lessons we ALL have to learn!

My advice to my friends, clients, and the random people who tell me way too much of their information just from meeting me once, your path is your path alone. No one and I mean no one has a right to tell you how to walk that path. So even if it takes you longer than the rest of your friends. That is ok! As long as you’re on this road of your life and world at least make it interesting and be able to laugh at the failures you have had. Because those failures are what teach you how to be successful in the end.

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