10 Ways To Improve Your Relationship In 7 Days


Have your best Valentine's Day ever by getting your relationship in shape NOW.

Gear up for a great Valentine’s Day by improving your relationship now—it’s easier than you think! Let the Cue Cards that follow help…

1.  Act loving.   Act loving as much as possible, and especially when you don't feel like it.  We are hardwired to remember and avoid negative experiences.  Don't push your partner away from you with negative interactions.

2.  Know what your partner values in your relationship.  You may think he wants a clean house, but maybe he'd prefer if you joined him for a bike ride.  Talk about the things that are important to each of you—it’s the only way you’ll know for sure.

3.  Give your partner time to do the things he enjoys.  Separate interests give a relationship room to breathe and keeps both of you interesting.  


4.  Time your relationship conversations right.  Don't blind side him when he walks through the door.  When you need to talk about your relationship, find a neutral time to suggest a conversation date, time and place.

5.  Don't try to make your partner jealous.  Inciting jealousy will not bring you any closer to your partner and is a sign of insecurity.  If you are lacking something in your life, make strides to find out what it is. 

6.  Do an activity together.  Research has shown that couples who play together, stay together.

7.  Practice random acts of kindness.  Just because you're in a committed relationship now, doesn't mean that kindness goes out the window.  Give him a massage, make him a card, revive your giving.

8.  Take care of your appearance.  A little ego is healthy.  Don't let your relationship end in sweats. 

9.  Give your partner two compliments a day.  If he looks good, smells good, tastes good...tell him!

10.  Don't take things too personally.  When there's a problem, step back, take a deep breath, and try and see the problem with greater clarity and perspective. 

Christina Steinorth is a Licensed Psychotherapist and the author of Cue Cards for Life: Thoughtful Tips for Better Relationships.  You can order her book here: http://www.amazon.com/Cue-Cards-Life-Reminders-Relationships/dp/0897936167


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