Why You Shouldn't Treat Dating Like A Job Interview


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There are lots of successful women looking for suitable dating partners. However, women often treat dating as though they are interviewing an applicant for a job. Men know when they are being "grilled", and it quickly eliminates any sense of romance, adventure and fun. Women need to lighten up! Of course it is important to find out about a prospective partner, but it isn't necessary to learn everything at the first meeting.

John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, notes that in the workplace, women have learned to be independent, self-reliant and focused on solving problems and managing people. Outside of the office, these attributes are romance killers.

For women to have fun dating and perhaps find the ideal partner, they should not be afraid to show their feminine side. After all, that is what men like about us in the first place! Wear a skirt, be less competitive (save that for the office and sports), smile, talk about your interests.

These tendencies also affect married women who are powerful and successful. They find themselves running their households like a business and treating their spouses like an employee, truly the kiss of death for romance. 

Put down your electronic devices, focus on the person you are with, have fun. And if you need help, consider hiring a dating or relationship coach.

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