A Change In The Stars May Say It's Time For Love

Horoscopes: A Change In The Stars May Say It's Time For Love

A big astrological shift is taking place this coming week...what does it say for you?

 If you've ever read my newsletters, then you've probably noticed that I talk about these weird "planets" called Rahu and Ketu a lot. (Rahu rhymes with "Yahoo" and Ketu is pronounced "K-2" like the mountain, or the ski run at Squaw Valley...) If you've been wondering what the heck Rahu and Ketu are, ('cause you've never heard of them before) then let me try to explain.
Rahu and Ketu are not actually planets. They're mathematically calculated points in space where the orbit of the Earth (as it travels around the Sun) intersects with the orbit of the Moon (as it travels around the Earth).
Did you get that?
(If you were here with me, I'd show you by using a couple of pieces of fruit and a cookie — that's how one of my mentors helped make Rahu and Ketu come alive for me.) He took a grapefruit and called it the Sun, and then took an orange and called it the Earth. He then had the orange make a circle around the grapefruit, as though it were the Earth orbiting the Sun. Then he took a small sugar cookie and called it the Moon. He had the orange go around the grapefruit in a circular motion while the sugar cookie circled the orange at the same time.

These two "circles" crossed in two spots — a Northern point and a Southern point. And those places of intersection, those points, are Rahu and Ketu.
Whew.... Now I'm hungry. (Somehow these newsletters always become about food.) 
In Western astrology, Rahu and Ketu are referred to as "the nodes of the Moon" — Rahu is the North Node and Ketu is the South Node. In Vedic astrology, we call Rahu and Ketu "shadow planets" because even though they have no matter or physical body, they're VERY powerful. If you read up on Rahu and Ketu, you'll find a lot of esoteric, woo-woo descriptions that are very confusing. (Interestingly, wherever Rahu and Ketu are in your chart tends to be the part of your life you're the most confused about...)
A Famous Ancient Myth
There's a famous ancient myth about Rahu and Ketu. It seems there was a big party going on where all the Devas were drinking Soma, a drink that gives immortality. (Devas are "good" Gods or celestial beings as opposed to Demons who are "bad" Gods or celestial beings.) There were no Demons invited to this gathering, but Rahu, a Demon in the form of a serpent, showed up and distracted the Devas by asking them which one of them was the most important. The Devas began quibbling amongst themselves, falling for Rahu's trick, allowing Rahu a chance to grab some Soma for himself and become immortal. 

Vishnu, a powerful God, saw what was going on and threw a discus at Rahu, severing his head from his body.... But it was too late. Rahu had become immortal and his serpent tail (now called Ketu) had too. Rahu/Ketu had won immortality but also lost by being cut in two — and so in his anger he sometimes blocks the light of the Sun and Moon, creating eclipses. This story is how ancient peoples explained eclipses. 
What Do Rahu and Ketu Do in Your Life? 
Rahu, being the head of a snake, causes us to FOCUS intensely on whatever part of our chart he's affecting. (Even to the point of obsession or addiction.) Ketu, being the tail of a snake, causes us to have lots of ups and downs (as though wiggling back and forth) in the part of our chart he's affecting. Because of this, many astrologers will tell you that Ketu indicates your past and where you've been (even in past lives) while Rahu indicates where you're headed (or your future lives).
I don't know about that stuff.... I just know that whatever part of your chart Rahu and Ketu are affecting tends to go through a lot of "sudden" and major restructuring, sometimes in a VERY good way, and sometimes in a not-so-good way. 

It's said that Rahu has a lot to do with material desires, while Ketu isn't interested in material things at all. Because of this, Rahu tends to expand things while Ketu tends to dissolve things. In fact, Rahu can make you drunk on the things of the world. (And speaking of DRUNK — Rahu and Ketu are key players in the charts of alcoholics and drug addicts.) While Ketu is called "the planet of Moksha" or liberation. As such Ketu can bring great spiritual gifts and insights, and lead you to be more interested in things BEYOND this world than of it...

So, you may be wondering — what the heck does this have to do with you and your life? 

Rahu and Ketu and Your Life 
Rahu and Ketu are about to switch signs in the next few days (they only do so every 18 months) and this will be a BIG deal for some of us. Rahu and Ketu bring BIG life changes. For the past 18 months, Rahu has been in the sign of Libra and Ketu has been in the sign of Aries. Rahu and Ketu always move in a retrograde motion — meaning they always move BACKWARDS through the zodiac. So they're traveling from the signs of Libra and Aries into the signs of Virgo and Pisces. This will mostly affect anyone who has the Sun, Moon, or rising sign in those signs. (I mean by the calculations of Vedic astrology, which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign.) 
To find out if this is YOU, go to my groovy "chart creator" and calculate your Vedic chart RIGHT NOW by clicking here.
So, now you're probably wondering HOW this will affect YOU. Let me tell you. I'll cover how it will affect those key signs first, and then how it will affect ALL of us based on what houses or sections of your chart Rahu and Ketu will "trigger" for the next year and a half. 

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