9 Unromantic Movies For Valentine's Day

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These films will be a much needed respite from V Day romance, roses, and sweets.

In this season of love, even the most hopeful romantic can need a break from the constant barrage of grand gestures and overly sweet rom-coms.  For those readers out there who want a reality check through film, we offer these titles. Bitter Valentine's Day Hater, We Feel Your Pain

1) The Scream Trilogy

There are almost too many non-romantic moments to count. First, Sydney Prescott sleeps with a skeezball creep who (spoiler alert!) murdered her mother. In the next installment, she lets her trust issues get the better of her—a dead mom and a psycho ex can do that to a girl—and she ends up watching her innocent new flame die.  OK, sure, Patrick Dempsy is in the 3rd chapter and Gail and Dewey get engaged, but eye candy and one solid couple don't cancel out multiple murders.

2) Last House On The Left

Rape is NEVER romantic. Enough said. How To Know When Sex Is Not Consensual

3) I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell

Yes, he's funny, but Tucker Max is a womanizing manwh*re who sees women as nothing more than objects for his personal pleasure. The fact that he's rewarded with a book deal and a feature film should make anyone who believes in romance feel physically nauseated.

4) Fatal Attraction

A steamy, forbidden affair sounds like it would have some sort of romance-factor, but if your tryst leads to a psychotic, scorned woman who boils your bunny rabbit, you might want to think twice. 

5) He's Just Not That Into You

Aside from Kevin Connelly's character, the men in this film killed the female romantic dream, one cliche at a time.  There was the man who cheated on his wife repeatedly, the man who dragged his feet on his way to the altar, and the man who leads women on and then insists that he didn't send any signals. Men, if you're not into us, grow a pair and just tell us flat-out. We promise, we'll survive. IDUMP4U Does The Breaking Up For You

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