5 Things EVERYONE Is Looking For In A Partner


Find out what people are REALLY looking for in a partner.

Whether single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between, we all have an idea of what traits we would like to see in our significant other. With love and companionship constantly weighing heavily on everyone’s mind, attorney Angela Enholm decided to conduct a survey to see just exactly what people are looking for in their partner.  

Over 1,500 participants, varying in age, gender, income, and geography were asked to choose the most important quality for a significant other from a list of seven traits including sense of humor, physical chemistry, honesty, similar hobbies, confidence, religious affinity, and financial stability.

Here are the five absolute must-haves in order to find love and happiness with the right person:

1. Be honest!

This seems like a no brainer for any successful relationship, and it was reflected in the survey with an overwhelming 36.9% of the total participants ranking it as the number one quality for happiness. Furthermore, honesty always had the highest total percentage, whether compared by age, gender, or any metric. I guess it’s true; honesty is always the best policy, especially when it comes to relationships.

2. Focus on personality, not looks.

Hooray! The world isn’t a shallow place after all! Sense of humor came in second place with 17.5 percent of the total vote as compared to the 10.5% who believe that physical attraction is the most important aspect of a relationship. However, this trait was far less universal across the board than honesty with men choosing physical attraction almost three times higher than women. It seems like women agree with what science has proven about focusing on looks.

3. Opposites don’t necessarily attract.

The third highest ranked trait at 14.7 percent was having a similar lifestyle and/or similar hobbies, with men and women splitting almost evenly on the subject. This shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise. If you can’t find any common ground in daily activities and each of you is forced to make sacrifices to secure the other’s happiness, there are going to be some serious problems in the long run.  

4. Confidence is key … for the ladies.

Although it is popular belief, from a male perspective, that women are attracted by confidence, men actually chose confidence at a rate almost twice as high as did women. This isn’t to say that confidence is not a factor in a relationship, because it did account for 6.2% of the total vote, but maybe men and women are a little out of touch with exactly what each other want. This wouldn’t be the first time.

5. Money ain't a thing.

Although no one ever complained about having a little extra cash, apparently money can't buy happiness. Financial stability came in dead last at only 5.8% of the vote with males and females sharing the percentage evenly.

On this Valentine’s Day (and every day thereafter), take a tip from the data; be honest with yourself and your partner, and who knows, maybe you’ll find what you’ve been looking for all along.