5 Things About Nice Guys Your Parents DON'T Want You To Know

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Nice Guy

Hint: The niceness is just the tip of the iceberg.

We (almost) always fall for the bad boys, only to realize that the bad boys are selfish, rude, and typically fail to deliver after all the hype.

We believe nice guys are just too … nice. They aren’t sexy, they have no mysterious air about them.

Well my dear, what I have to tell you is what your mother would not dare to let you in on about dating nice guys:

1. They can be total freaks in the sheets.


You read that correctly. They know how to charm the panties off you (literally). I'm letting the cat out the bag ... you think they're such a gentleman in the bedroom — all soft and sweet — maybe even a little boring. Not the case.

From what I've been told (and personally experienced), nice guys put in hard work too! Behind the chivalry of opening your door, sweet text messages/phone calls, compliments of how beautiful you are and pulling out your chair — they are kinky as ever. However, they're kinky in all the GOOD ways — they listen to your needs and make sure they deliver.

2. They can turn into jerks too.


From dealing with "kissing some female toads" themselves, being used and abused can turn a nice guy into a total a**hole. All of their positive energy has been sucked out by the trifling exes and situations they've dealt with and passed onto you to fix their damaged ego and the broken pieces of his now nonexistent heart (and soul).

So don't be surprised if he transforms from "Prince Charming" into the "Beast."

3. They know how to take charge.


Think you can run over a nice guy and get away with it? You are so wrong! If you come across the right one, he'll make sure that your spoiled a** is put in your place and checked real quickly. 

You can pout, stomp your feet, and throw a tantrum if you want, but just because he's sweet and charming along with being such a gentleman, doesn't mean he doesn't know how to ignore your spoiled brat antics. So come correct before you even think you can get your way ALL the time.

And admit it, take-charge guys are sexy as hell. Yet another secret your parents never let you in on when telling you to find a nice guy.

4. They are some sexy motherf*ckers!


There is nothing more attractive than going from dealing with Mr. Unemployed-Bad-Boy to Mr. Nice-And-Grounded. Knowing that he will make sure you're taken care of all while letting you maintain your independence is SUPER exhilarating (both in and out of the bedroom).

5. They still exist.


Do not give up hope. Not all the good ones are taken/in jail/married/gay. It may be hard to believe, but it is true.

You have to just change your usual scenery when it comes to finding that "Happy Hour" spot. Think outside the box. You won't find your [insert your fantasy guy here] in the club or other places where "the ratchets" come to play. Who knows, "Mr. Nice Guy" may just be that guy you keep putting in the "Friend Zone." Open your eyes, honey!

If you don't try, you'll never know.

So there you have it. Ladies, do your homework and please stop claiming that you will have to marry yourself in order to get a ring or find true happiness. It's out there and will be worth the wait. You just have to stop settling for "good enough" and stop being brainwashed to think that's all that will come. 

And that guy who is more than good enough — that guy who is perfect for you — will show up. Just don’t tell Mom how damn SEXY that nice guy is!