12 Ways To Know FOR SURE If He's The One You Should Marry

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12 Ways To Know For Sure If He's A Keeper!

Is he sensitive to your needs in and out of the bedroom and self-confident enough to let you shine?

Your man loves you. He sees you as perfect the way you are — messy hair, first thing in the morning, and when you cry. You've never felt so in love and you begin to wonder: "Is he the one for me?"

The relationship is perfect, just as you imagined it could be when you were searching for that too-good-to-be-true guy. You think you found him but you're unsure. How can you tell if he's a keeper?

How to know if he loves you is by observing if he does these 12 things for you: 

1. He tells you you're beautiful, even when you feel you're not. 

His favorite time to see you is first thing in the morning. He loves your messy hair and sleepy eyes. You're a glowing bare canvas in his eyes. You'll see it in the way he looks at you, which will make you blush.

No matter what you're wearing or how you look, he's head over heels for you. When you're in a room with a thousand people, he only sees you. No one else exists and the way he looks at you is a visual cue. 

2. He is your biggest fan. 

His support of all you do is unsurpassed. It doesn't matter what you're doing or what your career is, he's is in your corner telling you how proud he is of all your accomplishments.

He, himself could be mayor of the town, but he never shy's away from putting you in the spotlight. He's confident enough in himself to let you shine too.

3. He opens doors for you.

This may be old-fashioned but I love it and so do many women. He was raised to respect you; that is never a bad thing. He will also open the door to your heart and your deepest desires if you let him.

4. In the bedroom, he is as eager to please you as you are to please him, sometimes more so.

He wants to make you feel loved and goes the distance to show you. His desire to please you in bed may be insatiable at times. When he asks you what you want, he truly means it so be honest and let him know.

In public, he wants to hold your hand and put his arm around your shoulders to hold you close to him.

5. He's excited to introduce you to his friends and family.

He's like a kid at Christmas time and cannot wait for them to meet the woman who has his heart.

6. Your family loves him too.

My mom has always been spot on when it comes to love matches. If she gives the thumbs up, you know it's going to work. If you have a wise family member, take their advice into account. 

Ultimately, you're the deciding factor in your relationship but if your family loves him too, it makes for an easier relationship.

7. Controlling you is not on his agenda.

He doesn't get angry when another man speaks to you. He doesn't read into your ability to be nice to everyone. Your clothing is not chosen and picked out for you by him. He will not ask you to find a different career or job, friends or family because he feels inadequate to or threatened by any of them.

He loves you for you and he loves seeing you thrive and flourish. Changing you is not an option for him. He loves the woman he fell in love with.

8. He likes to hear your opinions.

He doesn't ask your opinion to make you feel like you're part of his decisions, he asks because he wants you to be a part of his decisions. When he implements your advice in his decision making, he's showing you that your opinions are important to him. It's a team effort. 

9. Shopping with him isn't a chore; it's a fun adventure.

I'll be the first to admit that I am not a big fan of shopping, especially with anyone from my past relationships. But, in my current relationship, we genuinely have fun together where ever we go. He has said shopping with me is actually pleasant.

It doesn't matter where we are, we find ways to make the situation fun and enjoyable. 

10. He is thoughtful on your birthday, holidays, anniversaries, and everyday, in general.

He takes the time to find out what your likes and dislikes are. If you're a city girl who doesn't like to bike to work, you can be sure he's not coming home with a new bicycle and helmet on your birthday. 

When you receive something you love, however small, it shows his thoughtfulness, he cares and he's paying attention. 

11. Making you laugh, seeing you smile, and being happy with him is his end goal.

Seeing you cry when outside sources cause you pain upsets him. He will be the first to comfort and defend you. He is true to you and he's by your side no matter the situation, even when you may be wrong.

He will be your voice of reason helping you to see situations for what they are, he will not make a situation out to be more than what it is. He's your place of serenity, love, and he's your home.

12. He is true to you through thick and thin.

You are one another's go-to-person. He's an open book and so are you, thanks to the mutual respect and trust you have for one another. He's never given you a reason not to trust him and that feels amazing. Nothing is too hard or embarrassing for him to communicate to you.

You meet one another half way and know how to compromise. He, on many occasions, has put you first in his life above other people, situations, and things, as you have for him. He sees you as his lover, his equal, and his best-friend. That's a powerful combination.

He's a keeper for sure, not a fly-by-night relationship. You feel it in every fiber of your being. He is self-confident enough to stand by your side and let you shine and he's sensitive to your needs in and out of the bedroom. You're his everything in a healthy loving way. He's willing to go the distance to make you feel loved.

Communication comes easy to the two of you. You know what one another likes and dislikes and mutually respect your differences. 

Time can change our relationships but if we keep the lines of communication open we can keep our relationships on track for continued happiness

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Barbara Ann Bruno is an author, certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC), and Lifestyle Empowerment Coach. Do some of these things ring true and not others? Are you still not sure what's right for you and feel you may be in a relationship rut? You can have the relationship you desire. Contact Coach Barbara today to get started.