5 "Do Nots" For Women When Dating Men

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Are live-in relationships still important to the modern woman?

I think women change their mind every hour and it's very difficult to know it. I really think that modern men need to do a lot more to catch with the modern woman. The tradition gender roles are being redefined by women. I have always maintained that a woman changes, adapt and evolves easier than a man. 

Many men are not open to this kind of independent woman and they cannot take that she can be independent financially and not available all the time. I personally like strong confident women who also are feminine. However many modern women are finding it difficult to find a decent man and are prone to making bad choices when dating and getting to know men. Women are evolving in their place in the world. Many men have yet to catch up with the changing pace of "Date To Mate" relationship dynamics.

So here are 5 "Do Nots" for Women When Dating Men:

1) Don't Be Too Passive.

Many modern women feel helpless and hopeless because few men have shown interest in them. You sit alone at home hoping Prince Charming will one day knock on the door. There are many ways a woman can improve her connections with men and make herself more appealing. You are not helpless or hopeless.

2) Don't Be Too Aggressive.

Many modern women who come on too strong and look desperate and may scare off quality guys. Predatory males look for desperate women because they will do almost anything to get a guy. Learn how to engage men without coming on too strong. Let your natural femininity shine through. It is highly attractive to a quality masculine man.

3) Don't Be Naive About Men

If a woman does not understand the huge difference between men and women when it comes to sex and relationships, she will get burned (as many do). If most of her guidance for relationships comes from popular media and peers, she is working from a position of ignorance which will make her highly vulnerable to being exploited by predatory men.

4) Don't Panic

Women become so fearful that they will never find a guy who loves them that they abandon their convictions and make irrational, dangerous decisions and get themselves into abusive relationships. Some painful effects are immediate, while some might not surface for years.

5) Don't Sleep with the Boyfriend to soon 

Every woman must make her own decision and it is a huge decision. This is the most common and most harmful mistake, is that a woman sleeps with a man to soon. There are parts of your female biology that has evolved for mating and procreation which men do not possess and that biology causes an avalanche of problems, many that the woman does not anticipate or understand? Sex with a boyfriend might seem romantic or exhilarating but there are hidden fangs that will cut deep. I teach all my female clients about this biology and that never to have sex with a man who you are dating for at least 3 months. Get some idea of the nature of the man before you get involved in sex. You cannot put a condom on your heart. Here are some questions for you to consider:

a) Do you think modern women are changing their role and place in the modern world?

b) Do you agree that nowadays even women are ready to take a pause in a relation and move out of it faster?

c) What according to you women should be careful about?

d) What do you think about live-in relationships?

I would love to hear your views...

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As always, leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Average men and women know only the rules.

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

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