Unconditional Self-Love

Love, Self

The most important relationship:
Is the relationship you have with yourself. Do you support yourself? Have your own back? Take care of yourself (before you take care of others)? Can you put yourself first without guilt?
These are some basic concepts that were super easy for most of us when we were young and everyone we met told us how great we were, how beautiful/handsome we were and many other "undeserved" compliments that we all give to children. This is so easy with young children because they are the essence of their being always, without fail.
That is until the compliments and constant attention starts to fade away. This is when that little annoying voice in our heads shows up and starts questioning and belittling every little thought or action we have. 
When we are young kids learning the “ropes” of this world there is confidence, love, and acceptance that just flows from us. Then at some point, we learn that wanting attention makes us ‘arrogant’ (insert any dis-empowering word here) and wanting acceptance makes us ‘needy’ and thinking of ourselves first makes us ‘selfish’. Now, how are we expected to become confident adults who take care of not only themselves but everyone and the world with love and acceptance if we don’t have this ourselves?
The answer, I believe, starts within. Very cliche I know. But if we don’t love and accept ourselves how will we ever be able to truly love and accept others. 
If this is a concept you struggle to keep balanced, let’s talk. 

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