Bad Boys


What is it about the typical "BadBoy" that drives women wild?

When a man finds a woman interesting and attractive, he will usually make the first move and approach her to speak with her. Women do not usually speak with every man that wants to buy them a drink, but most women will if he is a “bad boy.” Players, playboys, heart breakers; what ever you want to call this type of man: this is the type of guy that some women seem to be intrigued by. But what exactly does the bad boy possess that the nice guy doesn’t?

1) First and foremost, as much as no one wants to admit, attraction is key in catching the eye of the opposite sex. Bad boys know they are good looking, they dress and smell incredible, and they have an alluring, outgoing, rough and rigid persona that is overly mysterious and extremely sexy. They know how to come on strong and leave a woman dangling on a rope, making them want more. While the nice guy calls when he says he is going to, the bad boy can go days without calling, leaving a woman wondering and questioning her own self image on why he has not called. In other words, his actions make him powerful.

2) Sex also plays a role in this; the bad boy is a rule breaker, a tamed wild beast wanting to break free. His sensuality and his mysterious charm lead us to believe he will be a form of secretive porn star in bed, and deep inside we all crave that hot fantasy. Nice men come across as being to gentle and too much of a rule driven man. Bad boys break the rules and we all wish we could be like that to some extent. It’s as if they will fulfill our desirable sexual fantasies in a way we would have never dreamed of.

3) Women find bad boys “manly” because they have a self confidence about them; they seem to remain the dominant one in the relationship. They have an internal attitude that women get easily whipped over, and occasionally, women may even fight over this man.

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Not all playboy bad-boys are “bad” men. Sometimes they crave love and attention just as we do. And not all women prefer the playboy or the challenge of attaining one. Some women do prefer the nice guy or your typical average Joe. At the end of the day, the choice is our own.