Dating App Users Are More Likely To Contract STIs


Why are dating app users more likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease?

A recent study (read more here) has shed light on a potentially troubling issue for both men and women across the country, namely the fact that those who rely on dating ‘apps’ to locate romantic partners are more likely to contract a sexually transmitted infection during the process. While this obviously does not mean to serve as a larger generalization for the behaviors of all individuals who use these applications, it does point to a startling trend that due to the relative newness of these apps, is this something that many are confronting for the first time?

Many are left asking what the cause of this new statistic could be. When analyzing the facts and figures, we are able to gain a clear picture of the vital statistics concerning those who use the apps, but very little else related to the increased proclivity towards reckless behavior. It is here, however, where the most gains must be made in research in order to effectively understand and thwart this rising problem.

Perhaps the reason that so many are engaging in “dangerous” (used to define any form of non-protected sex) sexual activities when using these apps is because of the compressed time frame in which encounters can occur. Unlike more conventional dating sites, which typically operate on a much slower tempo of interaction due to the need to send message and respond within the framework of the site itself, dating app users can instantly receive notification that a prospective partner is interested using their smart phones. From here, it could only be a matter of minutes before an interaction may occur. Both men and women using these apps may have not had adequate time to prepare for “safe” sex, including simple acts such as purchasing condoms, taking an STI test, etc.

Although dating apps are, by no means, a source of this problem, they have, nevertheless, proven themselves to be a vehicle through which unsafe behavior can occur. That being said, there do exist a variety of other internet platforms that are attempting to revolutionize online romance which are not confronted by the same issues.

Take, for example, the recent introduction of PriceDate (visit the official website here), a new online dating platform which offers individuals the ability to “bid” on singles who have posted their images and profiles on the website. While this may, at first glance, seem a bit controversial, it’s important to keep in mind that PriceDate’s rules and regulations ensure that all daters, both the bidder and the individual being bid upon, have an experience that is positive and rewarding. In fact, unlike many dating websites, PriceDate maintains a strict accountability policy which ensures that all users of the site act in accordance with the stated behavior guidelines that have been posted.

When asked to discuss the intentions behind his dating platform, Alexander Greenberg, the founder of PriceDate, stated, “We believe that our online dating platform promotes accountability and honesty, two factors which can help ensure that those interested in making new romantic connections have the ability to do so.”

Whether or not PriceDate will become a fixture in the world of online dating has yet to be seen. Nevertheless, PriceDate is poised for significant growth in the near future.