10 WRONG Ideas You Have About Love (That Keep You From Finding A Relationship)

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10 wrong ideas about love

These myths do more harm than good.

Here are 10 myths about love that keep you from finding true love and long-lasting relationships:

1. Love solves all your problems.

No, it does not! It might help you to overcome some challenging situations and having a partner next to you may make it easier, BUT the only person who can fix your problems is YOU.

2. There is only one, true love.

No, there is not. You can love deeply more than once and it is in your power to either allow yourself to love and trust again or not.

3. If you love someone, you stay, no matter what.

No, especially not when the person who you care for mistreats you anyhow. Physical or psychological abuse have no excuse.

4. When you meet The One, you will be finally happy.

You have happiness in your own hands. No one can make you happy (or angry) unless you let it happen.

5. Life will be ideal with the right partner.


Wrong again! Life has ups and downs and often is far from ideal.

Long-term relationships require work and you need to learn how to take care of your ‘own grass’, every day, for the rest of your life, if you want your relationship last that long.

6. Things get better after the wedding.

No, they don’t, unless you get better at communication and listening to your partner. And he needs to do the same.

7. All you need is love.

You need much more in your life: compassion, belonging, personal and professional development, financial stability, and more. We all have our individual set of values, and love might be one of them, but it is not ALL of them.

8. When you love, you can expect…

No, you can’t EXPECT anything from your partner. They are not here to fulfill your often unreal expectations.

Bringing another person to your life means you enrich each other’s lives. No one will read your mind 100 percent all the time and no one will re-play this very specific romantic scene from the movie or a book unless you tell them exactly what to do and how.

9. If my partner loves me, he will always agree with me.

Wrong again. It is important to have much in common, but at some point, your partner will have a different opinion.

Learn to respect and appreciate these small differences as they only make your relationship more interesting.

10. Your partner will love you, no matter what.


Wrong again! If you are self-destructive in physical (e. g. substance abuse, overeating) or emotional ways (e. g. constant complaining, negative attitude), your partner’s love will eventually vanish and often, convert into hatred.

Learn how to take care of yourself!